Knowledge is Power: Debt, Peak Oil, Asia FDI Edition

Investment into—and out of—Asia bucked the global trend over the past year as China and India continue to power the region’s economic progress. Features: Asia Goes Abroad


The Debt Economyby James Surowiecki

John Kenneth Galbraith wrote that all financial crises are the result of “debt that, in one fashion or another, has become dangerously out of scale.” The recent financial crisis was no exception, with everyone—homeowners, private-equity investors, our biggest banks—taking on enormous amounts of debt. (Excellent Article)

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Volcker-Led Panel Considers Whether to Curb Bias Toward Issuing Debt Over Stock


Brash and flash, Dubai has become a monument to vanity and greed. But now it is sinking under £48bn debts – leaving Britons who’ve settled there facing ruin, writes Jane Fryer. Thousands of Britons in Dubai facing ruin

Crude is still being discovered; existing fields are not being exploited to the full. So it’s hard to predict the exact point at which the world’s dwindling reserves will precipitate a crisis. But it’s coming. Peak oil: the summit that dominates the horizon

Until the debt clouds disappear in the economy, small business can’t lead a rebound.Get Ready for Half a Recovery

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