Knowledge is Power: American Zombies, Dubai Defaults Edition

With a National Debt projected to reach $25 trillion by 2019, a government that has promised Boomers $100 trillion more than it can deliver, the end of the cheap oil age, looming resource wars, and nuclear proliferation, it is hard to fathom a happy ending to this Crisis. We appear to be hurtling towards the abyss and no one in charge seems capable of averting disaster. ALL YOU ZOMBIES

BRIC markets lead the surge
India stands at 10th place with 87% return in 2009. The BRIC magic has worked this calendar year too with all four countries – Brazil, Russia, India and China – placed among the top 15 in the performance ..

State Street Global Markets research shows that investor confidence around the world dropped in November, and it fell particularly sharply in Asia. Risk appetite dips among Asian investors

Recession ‘is even worse than feared’ : The recession is proving even deeper than feared, Alistair Darling will admit in next month’s Pre-Budget report….

Try DRIPing exchange-traded funds One of the secrets of building wealth with individual stocks is to reinvest dividends through dividend…


Arabian Business : Dubai World intervention to ensure ‘long term commercial success’ – Sheikh Ahmed. Dubai debts crisis: latest news

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Burj Dubai, Dubai
Source: Arabian Business

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