Twelve European ADRs up more than 100% YTD

The following Twelve European ADRs are up more than 100% Year-To-Date as of October 23, 2009:

Company: Mechsteel Steel (MTL)
Country: Russia
YTD Change: 412%

Company: Aixtron (AIXG)
Country: Germany
YTD Change: 354%

Company: Gentium (GENT)
Country: Italy
YTD Change: 315%

Company: Wimm-Bill-Dunn Foods (WBD)
Country: Russia
YTD Change: 192%

Company: Evotec (EVTC)
Country: Germany
YTD Change: 178%

Company: Vimpel Communications (VIP)
Country: Russia
YTD Change: 177%

Company: Eda (EDAP)
Country: France
YTD Change: 151%

Company: Acergy (ACGY)
Country: Norway
YTD Change: 142%

Company: ASML International (ASML)
Country: The Netherlands
YTD Change: 139%

Company: Flamel Technologies (FLML)
Country: France
YTD Change: 132%

Company: Alacatel-Lucent (ALU)
Country: France
YTD Change: 112%

Company: National bank of Greece (NBG)
YTD Change: 105%

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