Knowledge is Power: Oil,UK Recession, Shipping Overcapacity Edition

Oil demand in developed countries likely reached its all-time peak in 2005, according to a new research report by IHS Cambridge Energy Research Associates. Oil Demand Has Peaked in Developed Countries

At a maritime conference in the US recently, a delegate asked Maersk chief financial officer Morten Nicolaisen how the lines could have found themselves in such a catastrophic overcapacity situation.Overcapacity problems even with no recession

A shock 0.4% fall in output for the third quarter revealed today has put the UK economy in the grip of the worst recession since records began… UK economy in longest ever recession

Afghanistan has a fast, efficient, customer-friendly banking system in its network of money traders. They operate where western-style bankers fear to tread – indeed those bankers rely in part on the traders to complete transactions. But the government would like the banks to supersede this old, established system.Afghanistan: Making money in Kabul markets

Prepare for more pain—this recovery is only a blip. Why the recession is here to stay

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