Knowledge is Power: China, Australia, Recession Edition

As investors return to the market, big companies in Europe are finding it easier to raise money via bonds, equities and even IPOs. The Big Thaw

MSM Reporting as Propaganda (No One Minds Our New Financial Masters Edition)
I’m of two minds about taking up this theme, since stating what ought to be obvious but is nevertheless unpleasant and inconvenient is apt to get one branded as lunatic fringe.

Access journalism has created what is in many respects a controlled press. And that matters because people are far more suggestible than most of us wants to admit to ourselves.

Western makers of luxury products are enjoying a sales boom in China, as the number of rich Chinese continues to grow while the rest of the world struggles amid the continuing downturn.China’s rich throw lifeline to the West

Canada is leaving the dark days of the recession behind and is poised to move forward with moderately strong and steady growth over the next two years…Economy set for strong growth, board says

Cash is no longer king for asset allocators, but investors are mixed on which Asian countries they favour, according to Bank of America Merrill Lynch’s monthly fund manager poll. Investors more upbeat on China, but underweight Korea

Australia could become victim of its own fortune

Manufacturing surveys, considered reputable early signals on the economy, show emerging markets leading the way out of the downturn.By Some Reliable Measures, Recession Is Over

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