Knowledge is Power: Dubai,Commercial Property,Debt Trap Edition

Faith in China’s economic growth prospects and fiscal stimulus package keep some fund managers and analysts focused on the long-term.For staunch believers, weakness in China shares is a temporary blip

Berlin calls on banks and industry to work together to thaw the flow of credit to small firms.Credit glacier 

Those in the commercial real estate market are hardly in a festive mood, despite some recent encouraging signs.For Commercial Real Estate, Hard Times Have Just Begun

The risk of unemployment combined with negative equity could catch out young borrowers.When home is a debt trap

Battered but not beaten, Dubai is fighting back with a marketing offensive that includes bringing the X-Factor to town. Dubai has the X-Factor

Alistair Darling has pledged that Labour will spend ‘whatever we can’ to keep people in jobs during the recession…Darling: I’ll spend our way out of recession

“Invest in what you know” can be solid advice, especially when you know your cash is going into institutions carrying a US government guarantee – such as the five that dominated August’s US stock price surge. This isn’t deep science, far from it. Call it “moron capitalism”.Moron capitalism

October has a fearsome reputation built on great crashes and other pyrotechnics, but through the years..Actually, September is the cruellest month

Schönbrunn Najadenbrunn in Vienna.

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