Knowledge is Power: Gold Illusion and Oil Empire Edition

THE FLIP SIDE OF GOLD –The illusion of gold mining profits. Like rabbits in strong headlights, equity investors with a gold bent continue to chase increasingly challenging cash margin compression.

A group of leading financial analysts quiz Britain’s top regulator on what went wrong and how to sort it out.How to tame global finance

The $19-billion merger of Calgary-based oil-industry pioneers Suncor and Petro-Canada creates a giant.  Oil industry: Empire of the sun

An accident shows how China treats consumers.On a cold January day in Pennsylvania, I arranged to meet a man who one day could be worth millions. The Italian restaurant he suggested in the town of New Castle was scruffy and a bit down at heel, but it served good old-fashioned food. That’s important, because Robert Silverman can’t splash money around – not yet, anyway.

Areas that tasted the excesses of the housing boom are suffering as the influx of people moving from the Rust Belt has slowed.Construction That Fueled Growth in the Sun Belt Slows

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