Daily Wisdom: New Bull Market Edition

Photo: Arch de Triumph, Paris, France

ITALY’S public debt hit a record E1.7522 trillion ($3.13 trillion) in May, the Bank of Italy reported on Tuesday. Italy’s debt reaches new record

Russian millionaires are returning to the U.S. property market, lured by distressed sales and the ruble’s rise against the dollar, lawyer Edward Mermelstein said. Russian Millionaires Return to U.S. Property Market Lured by Lower Prices

Nitol Solar started making polysilicon for solar panels almost by accident. Now it’s helping Russia become a force in the industry.Nitol, Russia’s Emerging Solar Power Star

Technology stocks now make up about one-third of Legg Mason’s $304 million Value Fund.Legg Mason sees start of a new bull market

In a year of the unthinkable, which witnessed the demise of two broker-dealers and the unraveling of fraudulent investment schemes topped by the end-of-year Bernard Madoff scam, asset servicing providers have ample reason to be cautious.Understanding risk in fast-moving markets

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