Spain has the Highest Unemployment Rate in EU at 18.7%

Yesterday the BLS released the unemployment data for the month of June. A total of 467,000 jobs were lost in June and the unemployment rate remained almost the same at 9.5%.

The Eurostat also released the unemployment report for the EU but for the month  of May. The unemployment rate in the Euro area stood at 9.5% seasonally-adjusted in May .In the expanded EU 27 states, the unemployment rate was 8.9% in May.An estimated 21.462 million in the EU27, of which 15.013 million were in the Euro area, were unemployed last month.

The lowest unemployment rates were in:
The Netherlands – 3.2%
Austria – 4.3%

The highest unemployment rates were in:
Spain – 18.7%
Latvia – 16.3%
Estonia – 15.6%

While the EU unemployment rate was 9.5% in May, the rate in the USA and Japan were 9.4% and 5.2% for the same month respectively.


Source: Eurostat

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