Weekend Wisdom: U.S. About To Go Broke? Edition

The United States Federal Reserve is creating too much money, putting the US on the same path as Zimbabwe which, I guess you heard, has finally created so much money that its currency is now officially worthless. Worthless! From the US to Zimbabwe

Migrant workers are hit hard by the Spanish recession Spain drain

Now that the markets have lost a bit of their froth, it seems fitting to note just how sharply trade — and private financial flows — have contracted over the past year. The US q1 balance of payments data is rather stunning.Yes Virginia, there was an international financial crisis in 2007 and 2008

Canada’s largest courier company has taken a lead in trying to reduce its.8 of Canada’s greenest companies

Surging American Savings Rate Reduces Dependence on China as Growth Slows Saks Fifth Avenue is cutting orders 20 percent after posting losses in the last four quarters. Kia Harris says some customers at the Washington shoe store where she works are buying one pair rather than three.

The U.S. is about to go broke and they’ll take us down with them. Can they pay it back?

There are plenty of signs that the Canadian housing market is still on some very shaky ground.Don’t believe the housing hype

Qiao Jian, a secretary at a university in downtown Beijing where her husband is also on the support staff, has to rise before 6 a.m. if she wants to get to work on time. Her daily commute adds up to at least three hours.Beijing home buyers weigh affordability, commute as capital sprawls

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