Daily Wisdom: Resource-Rich Russia Edition

China’s stocks have been enjoying a rally since mid-March and one of the reasons could be the leakage of stimulus funds into the stockmarkets. Stimulus money leaking into Chinese stocks

Nobel Prize-winning economist Paul Krugman says the UK economy is the best in Europe at the moment. UK’s economy is ‘best in Europe’

Two European nations are considering taking over public pension plans, converting their assets of approximately $34 billion into cash for general government use and turning the plans into pay-as-you-go systems.2 European countries turn plans into cash

Often after a sharp economic downturn we observe an equally dramatic recovery. But nobody can claim to be seeing that so far in the currently available data.Not a robust recovery

Recovery for resource-rich Russia is tied to the price of oil, natural gas, other commodities.EMERGING MARKETSRussia: risk vs. reward

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