Knowledge is Power: Gold Mining Stocks Edition

A glance at a selected 100 of the world’s most beaten up mining stocks, including a focus on misadventures and bad luck in the gold space.Bottom fishing global mining stocks

THE IMF has increased its growth forecast for next year by more than 25pc, fuelling hopes of recovery.Sharp rise in IMF 2010 growth forecast

Local equities have rallied recently, tracking oil. Investors now wonder whether it’s sustainable
and when an economic recovery may begin.
Russia battles downturn

The right and wrong ways to deal with the rich world’s fiscal mess.The biggest bill in history

Zoellick: Global Slump to Continue The world economy is set to contract this year by more than previously estimated, and poor countries will continue to be hit hard by multiple waves of economic stress, said World Bank Group President Robert B. Zoellick today.

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