Daily Wisdom: UK Recession Almost Over Edition

The UK recession has almost run its course, according to the respected NIESR forecasting group, as it reported that the economy grew in April and May..‘UK recession is all but over’ – NIESR

A new government report shows that the former East Germany has been less bruised by the economic crisis than the richer West. The region has more smaller companies that are more flexible and less dependent on exports, it argues.Eastern Germany Less Hard Hit than the West

THE stockmarket wants to see blue sky. It seems every positive news point is grabbed with glee and, this, of course, carr…Between doom and boom

Rural workers pay hidden cost of biofuels in Colombia Palmed off

Money is flowing back into emerging and frontier markets. Africa is a mix of the two, and arguably has the best growth prospects of any region in the world.An African ETF That Gets You Into the Last Great Resource Frontier

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