Daily Wisdom: Soaring Crude Oil Edition

Oil prices are gushing upwards, the prices of other commodities are surging, Treasury yields are doubling, and the US dollar is plunging. It is all horrible, terrible news – unless you own gold – black or yellow.Black and yellow treasure

The recession has entered a most confusing stage where on any given day there’s good news and bad news.Economy in transition?

The rush to repay TARP monies gives us another opportunity to consider why the hell this absurd financial giveaway ever happened in the first place. A close inspection suggests some dishonesty on the part of the prior Treasury Secretary. Was the TARP a Ruse?

Probably at no other time in its history has SWIFT given Asia the focus and concentration it is now giving. This is quite understandable. The region continues to elicit greater excitement about its growth prospects while providing the largest challenge for the organization that…Power shift

“The end is near!” That was the message top government expert Cao Jianhai delivered in April when he predicted that residential property prices in China will plunge by half in the next two years. He reasons that China’s recent run-up in housing—average prices have tripled over the past five years—is unsustainable given the huge volume of new apartments sitting empty throughout the country.China’s Real Estate Riddle

Shanghai World Financial Center

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