Singapore and Malaysia Closed-End Funds

Singapore and Malaysia used to be hot investment destinations before the current crisis. Malaysia was popular with investors because of its palm oil and other commodities. Singapore on the other hand was known for its off-share banking, trading hub, strong economy, etc. After touching historic highs Singapore and Malaysian funds fell hard in line with the global economic slump.

There are is a closed-end fund that is country-specific for these countries.Closed-end funds are cheaper to invest when they are selling at a discount to their NAVs. Currently these two funds are selling at a discount.However closed-end funds are very volatile during rough market conditions and are not suitable for all investors.

1. Fund Name: Singapore Fund (SGF)
Current Discount to NAV: 12.73%
Fund Size: $83 M

2. Fund Name: Malaysia Fund (MAY)
Current Discount to NAV: 14.01%
Fund Size: $57M

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