A Look at Asian Bank ADRs

Asians are generally known to save a higher portion of their income.Many of the banks in Asia are very conservatively run profitable businesses.For example,the banks are not permitted to have high leverage ratios and sub-prime mortgages are unknown.

However due to globalization, most of the Asian banks suffered as well during the in this credit crunch.Some banks like India’s ICICI (IBN) had small exposure to sub-prime losses.Other banks played safe and did not venture deep into the derivatives territory to juice up their earnings. Hence in the long-run Asian banks are relatively safer and are good for investment.It must be pointed that there have been no bank failures in the region since the crisis began in late 2007.

Only a handful of Asian banks are listed in the US organized exchanges. The following is a listing of bank ADRs from Asia together with their current dividend yield:

1.HDFC Bank – HDB
Country: India
Current Dividend Yield:0.64%

2.ICICI Bank – IBN
Country: India
Current Dividend Yield: 1.75%

3. KB Fianancial – KB
Country: South Korea
Current Dividend Yield:N/A

4. Mitsubishi UFJ Financial – MTU
Country: Japan
Current Dividend Yield: N/A

5.Woori Finance – WF
Country: South Korea
Current Dividend Yield: N/A

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