Knowledge is Power: Banks of Brazil Ready to Bounce Edition

1.In more normal times, shareholder meetings were relatively genteel affairs. A smattering of people, many retired, would show up, ask a few questions and approve the various resolutions before demolishing the wine and sandwiches. A chief executive was more likely to be challenged over the quality of the biscuits than the finer details of the balance sheet. But now revolution is in the air as investors vent their fury over the huge destruction in shareholder value over the past couple of years. Eggs and shoes fly as investors vent their anger at directors

2. The hedge fund industry strikes back over the suggestion that exchange-traded funds are a possible substitute. Exchange-traded funds aren’t the best alternative

3.Kroll’s Tadashi Kageyama speaks about the dangers of fraud in a weak economic environment.The risks of fraud during an economic downturn

4.Strict regulation, high capital and reserve requirements, and low levels of debt mean Brazil’s banks are flourishing and in a good position to capitalise if their US and European competitors should pull back. Brazil’s giants stand ready to pounce

5. A half-century of Chrysler car sales ended when Eldon Howe received a delivery from United Parcel Service Inc.Chrysler Dealers Grope for Answers After Shutdown News Is Delivered by UPS

6. Almost ten years ago to the day, Alan Greenspan, the former chairman of the Federal Reserve delivered one of his first speeches on financial derivatives before the Futures Industry Association in Boca Raton, Florida on March 19, 1999. Given the role financial derivatives played in the meltdown..Financial derivatives

7.Moscow promised to host the most lavish Eurovision Song Contest ever. But as the weekend approaches, controversy may be brewing.The Eurovision Extravaganza Heats Up

8.The invasive dominance of monetarism in macroeconomics has been total ever since central bankers, led by Alan Greenspan, who from 1987 to 2006 was chairman of the Board of Governors of US Federal Reserve – the head of the global central banking snake by virtue of dollar hegemony – embraced the counterfactual conclusion of Milton Friedman that monetarist measures by the central bank can perpetuate the boom phase of the business cycle indefinitely, banishing the bust phase from finance capitalism altogether.Monetarism enters bankruptcy

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