Knowledge is Power: Thatcher – Founder of Modern Britain Edition

1.Charles Dumas says things in the United States are moving roughly in the right direction; pity about China. Economist disappointed to find he’s not that gloomy

2.The Soviets dubbed her the “Iron Lady,” US President Ronald Reagan called her “England’s best man” — 30 years ago Margaret Thatcher was elected prime minister of Britain. It was the start of a radical free-market revolution which hasn’t yet been turned back. How Maggie Came to Power

3.Across OECD countries, close to 40% of high-school students who come top in science subjects have no interest in pursuing a science-related career, while almost 45% do not want to continue studying science, according to a new OECD report. Schools must do more to motivate tomorrow’s scientists, OECD study shows

4.Mulls ‘Canadian option’ as a way to tweak rather than radically overhaul the troubled U.S. system. Obama eyes Canada as bank model

5. The Barack Obama administration is trumpeting the recovery of the US economy. Yet, thanks to Federal Reserve chairman Ben Bernanke and the manner in which he has expanded his mandate far beyond what is permitted central banks, what we see is merely the illusion of a recovery, to be shattered when the bills fall due. The mirage of recovery

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