Knowledge is Power: Failed Banksters Edition

1.  BEIJING, April 11 — China’s government has pledged to create 1 million jobs for college graduates in the service outsourcing industry in five years.China to create 1 mln service outsourcing jobs for graduates

2. Obama Stakes His Fortunes on Failed Banksters Now that we have a rough idea how President Barack Obama and his lieutenants plan to prop up insolvent financial institutions using taxpayers’ money, we’re left with a more difficult question: Why?

3. The employment picture still looks bleak.U.S. markets: What recovery?

4.South American real estate: Sun spots Real estate may be cooling here, but it’s heating up way south. Despite plummeting real estate prices worldwide, not everyone’s willing to give up on this traditional investment. Some are setting their sights down south, buying up properties in popular hot spots such as the Dominican Republic and Saint Lucia.

5.Is this the real thing, or just another Bear Market rally? So far, we’ve had 4 runs of about 20% each.Bear Market Rally ?

6.While US and European banks went into meltdown, India’s banks reported healthy profits. Many applaud the country’s liquidity policy for helping avoid the West’s pitfalls, but does this hamper the country’s capital requirements?India avoids financial meltdown

7.As US lawmakers discuss the creation of their own system of auto trade-in subsidies, critics of the scheme here in Germany are questioning the motivations of decision-makers in Berlin.US considers adopting German-style car-scrapping subsidy

8. LONDON–How bad are things in Britain?

Not long ago, the Church of England put out two new prayers to provide solace for those who have been laid off. “Hear me as I cry out in confusion” is a line from the “Prayer on Being Made Redundant” offered to the country’s two million unemployed. Britain’s boom now a bust

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