Knowledge is Power: Obama The Economic Magician Edition

1.Capitalism with Chinese CharacteristicsFEER Editor Hugo Restall reviews Yasheng Huang’s timely critique of China’s brand of capitalism.

2.The German government has launched a takeover bid for the bank Hypo Real Estate by offering shareholders €1.39 per stock. If they refuse, Berlin has the right to expropriate them under a new law.Berlin Launches Hypo Real Estate Takeover

3.Policies aimed at easing home-loan terms for troubled borrowers may not be as effective in preventing foreclosures as more-direct aid to homeowners, Federal Reserve economists found. Fed Economists Say Mortgage Changes May Do Little to Prevent Foreclosures

4.The U.S. budget deficit surged in March as tax payments by companies and individuals dropped and the government spent more to rescue banks and revive the economy. U.S. Budget Gap Swells to $192.3 Billion as Recession Reduces Tax Revenue

5. Failing economy creates a nation of part-timers- Recession’s main victims are full-time workers: Almost 80,000 of them lost their jobs last month

obama-magician.jpg6.Where did all the money go? This is a question that has been posed more than a few times since the financial world crashed down around our ears.

Is Obama the economic magician for the ultimate con trick?


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