Knowledge is Power: Extended Downturn Edition

1.April 8 (Bloomberg) — Since the Jwaneng diamond mine in Botswana closed in February, Emmanuel Garetshele has done little except cash his mine-operator paycheck and watch his country go from being the success story of Africa to an economic laggard. Botswana Diamond Mines Sit Idle as Africa’s Star Economy Loses Its Luster

2.SUFFOCATED BY DEBT -Greece is on the brink of bankruptcy despite the fact that the global recession has yet to hit the country with full force. Strikes are paralyzing the country and the EU is putting on the pressure. But the government is still trying to put a positive spin on things. Greece Teeters on the Verge of Bankruptcy

3. IMF responds to foreign depositors in Icelandic banks

4. Germany Faces Extended Downturn Despite Stimulus
IMF Survey Magazine article

5.Schroders’ Maisonneuve sees a great big W and explains how to play financials in this mad, mad, mad, mad world. Separating ‘utility’ banks from financial growth stocks

6.US President did offer a ray of light towards March-end, despite some disturbing estimates from the IATA. Do you want the good news or the bad news?

7. The media loves to harp on Japan’s “lost decade” and use the world’s second-largest economy as a negative example. Yet while corporations in other countries are still gaming the government for handouts and freebees, corporate Japan has learned that government actions tend to merely delay the inevitable. This time Japan Inc. is restructuring for real and a leaner, meaner Japan is poised to rise back to the top.-Why I’m Bullish on Japan

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