Knowledge is Power: Bill Gross Investment Outlook Edition

1.Job seekers are flocking to the once have-not province, now enjoying its bright time in the sun.Ontarians head west to ‘Saskaboom’

2. Monitor of bailout plan wants executives from Citigroup and AIG to be axed in damning report.American watchdog calls for sacking of financial bosses

3.The G-20 has agreed on plans to fight the global downturn. But its approach will only lay the foundation for the next, bigger crisis. Instead of “stability, growth, jobs,” the summit’s real slogan should have been “debt, unemployment, inflation.”The West’s Fatal Overdose

4. If you got stoned, you may have missed it, along with some of the best investment opportunities seen in the past 60 years.What’s happened to “Great Depression II?”

5.Leonard Melman, a leading authority in the metals and mining arenas, sees opportunity for some “really good moves” and “fabulous returns” on the horizon, and considers the price of the base metals as a real key to the future of the economy. On the other hand, he shares some serious concerns about the economy. Interview with The Gold Report.Gold behaving beautifully” and good reason for optimism in base metals – Leonard Melman

6. Record numbers of individuals and companies are predicted to go bankrupt this year.Bankrupt Britain: 340 people bust every day

7.The title of this Outlook, “The Future of Investing,” is a theme that will take the evolving years to resolve, let alone the next few days. Still, PIMCO is an organization that loves a challenge. All of us here today would agree that the answer to both questions will be highly dependent on the evolution of the global economy, and when it comes to those questions PIMCO has excelled because of its long-term secular outlook. It has paid dividends for our clients for over 30 years and it should do so now as well. The Future of Investing: Evolution or Revolution?

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