Knowledge is Power: The New Gold Rush Edition

Gold1. Investor interest in gold has accelerated again, with the metal’s dip attracting bargain hunters. Is now the time to buy? Gold investing rush speeds up again

2.Once considered relatively immune to the global economic slump, Latin America is facing hard times as commodity prices crumble, trade dwindles and Venezuela�s oil-funded regional largess begins to dry up.Latin America’s commodity-fueled party is coming to an abrupt end-BRACED FOR A BUMPY RIDE  

3.Central and Eastern Europe has suffered more than most regions as a result of the credit crunch. Hard Landing

4. April 3 (Bloomberg) — The Obama administration, pressing for more fuel-efficient vehicles, won’t block General Motors Corp.’s Chevrolet Volt electric car even after the president’s task force called it too expensive, a person familiar with the matter said.GM’s Volt Said to Remain in Production Plan as Government Seeks Cost Cuts

5.Barack Obama may at last be getting a grip. But he still needs to show more leadership, at home and abroad.The American presidency -Learning the hard way 

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