Knowledge is Power:The Weakest US Banks Edition

1. China is well placed to continue its strong development as the global crisis eases, helped in part by using its vast surpluses in massive labor-retraining programs. Low wages paid to trainees have the added benefit of maintaining the country’s cost advantages.China prepares for next surge

2. US Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner claims he is not seeking “to sustain weak banks at the expense of strong”. Yet the biggest five lenders in the US, led by JPMorgan Chase and Bank of America, are the weakest, holding 96% of US bank derivatives positions and almost all the net credit-risk exposure. And they are dictating federal government policy. Geithner’s dirty little secret

3.Its golden days of shipping vast loads of grain eastward and of steamers brimming with iron ore and steel westward to booming steel mills and car factories may be gone, but the St. Lawrence Seaway Management Corp., which celebrates its 50th anniversary next month, has not sunk into irrelevance. But it does have to reinvent itself, Seaway officials concede. St. Lawrence Seaway turns 50

4. Business leaders and heads of development banks today said they perceive good opportunities for private investment in Latin America and the Caribbean, even amid the worst economic crisis the world has seen in seven decades.Businesses, development banks see opportunities, despite global crisis

5.Bailouts, rescue plans, stimulus packages … Like most of us, Aida Edemariam didn’t understand where the money was really going. So she asked the experts to explain. Very slowly.The incredible shrinking economy

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