Knowledge is Power:The New “New Deal”? Edition

1.Emerging market equity funds took in $2.3 billion in net inflows last week, according to EPFR Global, amounting to the largest inflow since mid-December. Year-to-date high for emerging market inflows

2. The US, encouraged by the likes of President Barack Obama’s advisor Larry Summers, has for decades mismanaged its finances by exploiting the hegemonic character of the dollar in international trade. Beijing, for one, needs to forge an economic strategy independent of Washington’s. – By Henry C K Liu
The New Deal dollar and the Obama dollar

3. GRENOBLE, France (AFP) — Angry workers on Tuesday detained five managers at a plant run by US firm Caterpillar to protest plans to slash hundreds of jobs, in France’s latest case of “bossnapping”.

Employees barricaded their bosses in an office to demand new negotiations on 733 layoffs at the factory in the southern city of Grenoble. French workers hold managers at Caterpillar

4.OK, so you’re one of millions of investors impatiently waiting on the sidelines, sitting with $2.5 trillion cash under your mattress, waiting for the right moment, that signal screaming: “Bottom’s in, start buying!” Yes, it’ll go down again, but the bottom’s in, thanks to a great March, possibly the third best month since 1950, so it’s time to jump back in and buy, buy, buy! Six reasons for calling a bottom

5.Dubai has the most competitive economy in the Middle East and ranks higher for its competitiveness than Japan, Germany, France and New Zealand, according to a new study.Dubai has most ‘competitive’ economy in ME

6.Ireland’s credit rating has been downgraded amid concerns about its surging levels of debt. Ireland in crisis as global credit rating cut

7.The Prime Minister used a speech at St Paul’s Cathedral to appeal for greater moral values to be applied to the financial system… Banks need family values says Brown

8.A series of developments in the U.S. could help put acquisitions back on the agenda for Canadian banks.. U.S. buys may be back on cards for Canada banks

9.Or is it close to becoming one? That, at least, seems to be what some US government officials and quite a few journalists think. The answer, of course, depends on your definition of a failed state. Is Mexico really a failed state?

10.The world is at a crossroads as it faces its greatest economic crisis in 60 years, IMF Managing Director Dominique Strauss-Kahn says during a trans-Atlantic video news conference. G-20 leaders who meet in London on April 2 have the opportunity to spur a recovery next year if they take the right action. World Faces Crisis Crossroads at G-20 Summit, Says IMF

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