China Railroad ADR: Guangshen Railway Co

Guangshen Railway Co (GSH) is the lone foreign railroad listed in the New York Stock Exchange other than the Canadian railroads.

From the Wikipedia:

“Guangshen Railway Company Limited operator of Guangshen Railway, the 152-kilometre railway link between Guangzhou and Shenzhen in Guangdong, China. The company is engaged in railway passenger and freight transportation businesses between Shenzhen and Pingshi and certain long-distance passenger transportation services. It also cooperates with MTR Corporation Limited in Hong Kong in operating the Guangdong Through Train passenger service.”

Shenzen was the first Special Economic Zone that was established by China. With the establishment of many export-oriented factories and hi-tech companies, Shenzen ultimately became very successful in economic growth.

GSH has a market cap of just $489M. The current dividend yield is 3.52%. Last year the company had a revenue of $1.7B. After trading at a high of $30 early last year, the stock fell in sync with the overall markets. Today the stock closed at $17.10.

There have been news reports that China’s stimulus plan is working.However GSH will get more business only when the international export sector improves. It is definitely worth keeping an eye on this railroad stock from China.

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