Knowledge is Power: UK Economy Is Doomed Edition

Jim Rogers1. A legendary investor on why the UK economy is doomed He’s said it before, but Jim Rogers this week fleshed out his concerns for the British economy.

2.Overall investors have mainly been focusing on dividend cuts in 2009. I believe that most stocks that pay out dividends are cyclical in nature. Thus, they do not have the specific competitive advantages, which provide for a long and sustainable annual dividend increases over time. Dividend Aristocrats keep raising their dividends

3. The economic slowdown will have a much bigger impact on Germany than previously thought. Experts say the economy will contract by up to 7 percent, and push unemployment up to 4.75 million by the end of 2010. Economic Gloom

4. Tata says landmark ‘comparable to Moonshot’ and believes world’s cheapest car could sell a million a year. Tata Nano: World’s cheapest car is India’s answer for cash-strapped drivers

5.Does the Treasury’s toxic asset plan come at the cost of recapitalising banks? Successful bank rescue still far away

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