Knowledge is Power: Zombie Theory Edition

1. General Motors is preparing a fresh barrage of discounts and other promotions to coax Americans into buying more cars after an upcoming US government decision on further financial aid to the Detroit motor industry. The incentives will be designed to counter a slump in sales and GM’s market share, amid signs on both sides of the Atlantic that its financial woes are beginning to drive away customers. GM to cut prices to lure back US buyers

2.What exactly is wrong with the banks? A year and a half after the credit crisis started, this may seem a bizarre question. But there is actually still a lot of confusion about what’s the matter. Indeed, that confusion – displayed on endless television programmes and around countless dinner tables – is adding to the sense of crisis.Bank crisis: It’s confidence, stupid

3.China‘s economic growth will plunge in 2009. The United States is in severe recession. For the world’s economy to recover, these two economic powerhouses must cooperate and become the engine for the Group of 20. Without a strong G-2, the G-20 will disappoint.Recovery Rides on The ‘G-2’


4. n his testimony before the US Senate Committee on Banking, Housing and Urban Affairs on February 24, Federal Reserve chairman Ben Bernanke depicted a deepening economic recession with real output contracting at an annual 6.2% in 2008Q4 and unemployment rising to 7.6%.Time for prayer


5.Author Margaret Atwood suggests debt forgiveness could be one way to restart the world economy.Lenders should forgive debt

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