ABN AMRO Holding NV ADR Terminated

ABn Amro

ABN AMRO ADR, which used to traded on the OTC market with ticker ABNYY, has been terminated effective yesterday November 24,2008.

In April of this year ABN Amro de-listed its stock from New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) since a consortium of banks led by Fortis (Holland), Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS -UK) and Banco Santander (STD – Spain) announced a deal to acquire ABN Amro.

Yesterday ABNYY closed at $50.25 on a volume 11,727 shares. ABN Amro’s 52-week high was $62.80.

As per the termination notice issued yesterday by the depository JPMorgan, each ADS (American Depository Shares) shareholder will receive $50.4089 per share.

Original Notice of Termination and Net Proceeds Announcement:
JPMorgan announces it has received notice from ABN AMRO, terminating the Deposit Agreement (the “Deposit Agreement”) governing the ABN AMRO American Depositary Receipt (“ADR”) program. Such termination shall take effect thirty days from the date hereof. Effective immediately the transfer books of JPMorgan, as depositary under the Deposit Agreement, are closed for all purposes.

As a result of the squeeze-out transfer of all ordinary shares of the Company, including those represented by outstanding American Depositary Shares (ADSs), JPMorgan has received payment of EUR 40.029320 (EUR 37.88 + EUR 2.14932 (accrued interest)) per share for the securities underlying the ADSs of ABN AMRO issued under the Deposit Agreement. The proceeds were converted into US dollars and, as a result thereof, permit a distribution at a net rate of $50.4089 per ADS (after deduction of the expenses permitted under the Deposit Agreement). Hereafter, each ADS represents the right to a holder’s pro rata share in the net proceeds of $50.4089 per ADS. ABN AMRO has agreed to pay any cancellation fees owing in connection with the surrender of outstanding ADSs.”

Source: JPMorgan Chase & Co.

Founded in 1824, ABN Amro is now owned by RFS Holdings B.V. which is the consortium of Royal Bank of Scotland Group, Fortis Bank and Banco Santander. The group paid 70B Euros in October last year to take over ABN Amro.

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