The Top Ten Energy Companies of the World 2008

Last month Platts(A Division of The McGraw-Hill Companies) released the “Platts’ 2008 Top 250 Global Energy Companies” list.In this post lets look at the top 10 companies from this list.

The rankings are based on the following four key metrics:

  • Asset
  • Revenues
  • Profits
  • Return on Invested Capital

The list comprised of companies in nine subcategories such as Gas Utility, Electric Utility,
Coal and Consumable Fuels, etc. However the top 10 rankings were occupied by Integrated Oil and Gas companies which have global operations.

Platts’ 2008 Top 250 Global Energy Companies:


The western oil companies occupy the top 5 positions.But the two Russian companies(Gazprom and Rosneft Oil) have moved up from last year
to be in the top 10.

As the price of crude oil continues to go down it will be interesting to watch the above stocks.

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