Knowledge is Power – Edition #2

1.The Nano Becomes a Costly Promise for Carmaker Tata
Consumers seem to be getting second thoughts on this car and the car maker may not make profits anytime soon when this car is released in October this year.

2.Millions face £200 jump in power bills
In Europe utility prices are increasing.This article talks about the rise UK utiity prices.Time to pick up some European utility stocks.

3.Debt capitalism self-destructs
In this article, Henry C K Liu discusses the failure of central banking in the US and the root causes of the current credit crisis.This piece is long at 4 pages but definitely worth a read.

4. 5 Stock Market ETFs that Have Defied the Bear Market
This article by Gary Gordon is interesting. Out of these list, two ETFs are from technology,one each from the medical device,transportation and environmental services.

5.Not just oil
Hannah Smith of Trustnet analyzes the new middle east funds available in the UK.So its not just in US, these middle east funds are hot.

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