How do you invest in Portugal?

There are two ways to invest in Portugal. One can pickup a few Portugese ADRs or invest thru the recently launched NETS ETF for Portugal called “NETS PSI 20 Index Fund (Portugal)”.


1.Company: Energias de Portugal
Ticker: EDPFY

Country: Portugal
Yield: 3.59%

EDPFY is an electric utility in Portugal. It has interests in natural gas distribution and telecom as well. PE ratio is 9.10 and the stock is down about 25% from 52 weeks high.

2.Company: Portugal Telecom
Ticker: PT

Country: Portugal
Yield: 8.33%

PT has an excellent dividend yield of over 8%. This is a $10B company with a PE ratio of 11.14.


NETS PSI 20 Index Fund (Portugal) with ticker LIS, is from Northen Trust, the latest ETF provider to enter the marketplace.

LIS is the only ETF for Portugal. ishares does not have an ETF for Portugal. This fund has an expense ration of 0.47% and assets of $1.9 M. Just over 26% of the portfolio is comprised of PT and EDPFY as discussed above.

For more info on this ETF goto: Northern Trust NETS ETF site.

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