NYSE listed Foreign Utilities – YTD Performance

We are almost approaching the end of July.Seven months of 2008 have gone by with plenty of drama in the markets on a daily basis. So now is the time to take a step back and look at some of the foreign utilities listed in the New York Stock Exchange and see
how they have fared.

This post can be used as a starting point to identify some high quality dividend yielding foreign utility stocks.

Note: YTD value is as of July 22, 2008.

1.Company: Companhia Energetica de Minas Gerais-CEMIG
Ticker: CIG
Country: Brazil
YTD change: 42.12%

2.Company: CPFL Energia
Ticker: CPL
Country: Brazil
YTD change: 26.60%

3.Company: Endesa-Empresa Nacional de Electricidad
Ticker: EOC
Country: Chile
YTD change: 23.93%

4.Company: SABESP
Ticker: SBS
Country: Brazil
YTD change: 13.40%

5.Company: Ultrapar
Ticker: UGP
Country: Brazil
YTD change: 7.74%

6.Company: Enersis
Ticker: ENI
Country: Chile
YTD change: 6.43%

7.Company: MetroGas
Ticker: MGS
Country: Argentina
YTD change: -6.97%

8.Company: National Grid
Ticker: NGG
Country: UK
YTD change: -17.39%

9.Company: Korea Electric Power
Ticker: KEP
Country: South Korea
YTD change: -25.90%

10.Company: Huaneng Power International
Ticker: HNP
Country: China
YTD change: -27.19%

11.Company: Veolia Environnement
Ticker: VE
Country: France
YTD change: -40.37%

12.Company: Edenor
Ticker: EDN
Country: Argentina
YTD change: -42.05%

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