Ultrapar and Imperial Oil

In this post,lets look at two fuel distributors.One is Ultrapar Holdings Inc. (UGP) from Brazil and the other is Imperial Oil Ltd. (IMO) of Canada.

1.Ultrapar distributes Liquefied Petroleum (LPG) in Brazil.LPG is used for cooking and other purposes.UGP also produces various kinds of chemcials and engages in the transportation and distribution of the same.

Details (As of June 1st, 2008):
Company: Ultrapar Holdings Inc.
Country: Brazil
Ticker: UGP
Price per share: $38.01
Dividend Yield: 5.38%

5-Year Chart:

2.Imperial Oil Ltd operates in crude oil, natural gas and chemical industries. Specifically the company runs the “ESSO” brand gas stations in Canada.It is called so because IMO is a subsidiary of Exxon Mobil Corporation. ESSO stations are distributed throughout Canada.

Company: Imperial Oil Ltd
Country: Canada
Ticker: IMO
Price per share: $57.53
Dividend Yield: 0.59%

5-Year Chart:

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