Oil &Gas Equipment and Service ADRs !!

One industry that has been riding on the back of the rising oil prices is the Oil&Gas; equipment and service industry.Companies in this sector provide equipments, technology, management consulting, equipment, maintenance etc. to the oil companies.

Big oil companies like Shell,BP,Total etc. usually contract out all the infrastructure and operations related work to contractors like Schlumberger,Halliburton,Baker Hughes International in the US.Or to their foreign peers like Acergy,Technip,CGV Veritas, etc.These companies do all kinds of activities such as building an off-shore platforms,pipelines,maintenance etc.

Many of the oil equipment and service stocks have jumped many fold in the past few years and their growth continues. P/E ratios have expanded and so is the market cap of all the players in this niche sector.An indirect way to gain exposure to the oil industry is to invest in the equipment and service providers since they are the backbone of the oil majors.

In this post let me list four such foreign ADR stocks.While Schlumberger and Halliburton are number 1 and 2 in terms of market caps, these four ADRs are worth looking into as well.

Oil and Gas Equipment and Service ADRs:

1.Name: Acergy SA
Ticker: ACGY

Country: Norway
Current PPS: $26.38

2.Name: Compagnie Generale De Geophysiqu-Veritas
Ticker: CGV
Country: France
Current PPS: $57.00

3.Name: Petroleum Geo-Services
Ticker: PGSVY

Country: Norway
Current PPS: $32.05

4.Name: Technip
Ticker: TKS

Country: France
Current PPS: $95.03

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