Eni,Enel,Eon and Enersis ADRs !!

In this post lets look at four energy ADR stocks whose name start with the letter “E”.Energy includes oil and gas and electricity.These four ADRs are sometimes confusing due to their names.Hence the need for this post.

Three (EON,ENLAY and ENI) of these stocks are great, long-term wealth building stocks.They offer neat dividends and are from two great countries in Europe.

1.Company: ENI Spa
Ticker: E
Current PPS: $80.57
Dividend Yield: 4.29%
S&P; Rating: 5 Stars
Market cap: $146.0 B
Country: Italy
Sector: Oil,Natural Gas and Electricity

2.Company: EON AG
Ticker: EONGY
Current PPS: $67.6
Dividend Yield: 3.16%
S&P; Rating: 4 Stars
Market cap: $126.0 B
Country: Germany
Sector: Natural Gas and Electricity

3.Company: Enel Societa Per Azioni
Ticker: ENLAY
Current PPS: $10.65
Dividend Yield: 4.22%
Country: Italy
Sector: Electricity and Telecom

4.Company: Enersis SA
icker: ENI
Current PPS: $17.86
Dividend Yield: $2.08
Country: Chile
Sector: Electricity

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