New ADRs in OTC for 2008:

Some of the companies that used to be listed on the NYSE moved to the OTC market in the past few months. They moved their stock to the OTC due to the high regulatory
requirements imposed on them by the SOX law and also the high listing fees ($50K+) by the NYSE.

So these high quality world companies now trade on the OTC market – also known as the Pink Sheets.In this post we will list a few of these ADRs.Some of these foreign stocks
may not have moved to the OTC from NYSE.Instead they may have opted for the OTC market when they first went to the US for raising capital.

The ADRs below are new listing in the OTC for 2008.There are many other stocks that moved to OTC in 2007.We will come back to those in a future post.

1.Benetton Group – BNGPY

Benetton logo

Country – Italy
Sector – Personal Goods (Main business is Clothing)
Dividend – $1.25

2.Enel SpA – ENLAY

Enel Logo

Country – Italy
Sector – Electricity
Dividend Yield – 4.24%

3.Intesa Sanpaolo – ISNPY


Country – Italy
Sector – Banking
Dividend Yield – 4.13%

4.Marks and Spencer – MAKSY


Country – UK
Sector – Retailing
Dividend Yield – 4.18%

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