Volvo,Fiat,Toyota,Peugeot and more !!!

Automobile companies in the US have been in a turmoil for some years now.This does not mean one cannot find any investment opportunities in this sector. There are many high quality auto makers in other parts of the world who are profitable maintain consistent growth. In this post, lets look at some of the ADR stocks in the automobile sector.

1. Volvo
Country – Sweden
Ticker – VOLVY

Volvo cars are know for safety and is a favorite car among women. The name “Volvo” comes from the Latin word “I Roll”. The company has 100K employees and is growing fast in emerging countries like India,China and Russia. In addition to cars, the company also makes buses, trucks and construction equipment.

VOLVY stock has been on a roll since 2003. After reaching a peak of about $23, the stock now trades for $15+.

2. Peugeot Citroeon
Country – France
Ticker – PEUGY

Peugeot is a world class company from France. It sells cars under the Peugeot and Citroeon brands. Many of the cars made by Peugeot are small and compact cars which suits well for European countries.

The stock, which trades on the OTC market, has been as steady performer for many years. PEUGY trades for $73.

3. Fiat
Country – Italy
Ticker – FIATY

This Italian automaker’s glorious days are long gone.But still the company makes good cars and makes other vehicles like construction equipment, commercial vehicles, etc.

From the corporate site:
“In 2007, trading profit totalled 3.2 billion euros, revenues reached 58.5 billion euros ”

The Fiat Group is the largest industrial enterprise in Italy and one of the founders of the European motor industry.”

Famous global brands include Maserti,Ferrari cars and Iveco trucks.In 2007, the FIAT’s stock was one of the best performing stock on the Borsa Italiana in Milan (Local Stock Exchange). The ADR stock closed at $22.40 today.

4. Toyota
Country – Japan
Ticker – TM

Toyota is popular and highly respected brand in many countries of the world. Toyota cars are know for their quality and value. Lexus is Toyota’s luxury brand.
Now Toyota is also the world’s largest car maker.

TM has a yield of 2.3% and trades at the NYSE.

Other auto companies of the world whose stock trade as ADRs are:

5. Honda
Country – Japan
Ticker – HMC

6. Nissan Motor
Country – Japan
Ticker – NSANY

7. Ducati Motor
Country – Italy
Ticker – DMHYY

8. Volkswagen
Country – Germany
Ticker – VLKAY

Volkswagen means “People’s Car” in German. This is another great German company.

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