Multibaggers – The Wealth Creators !!!

A Multibagger is a stock that multiplies many times over in a given period of time. One or two multibaggers in a diversified portfolio will make the returns incredibly better.

Picking a mutibagger is not easy and one must take risks investing in places that may not be within one’s risk appetite. For eg – one may have to invest a solid amount of a say $10K in a growing country like Brazil to reap huge returns. While the risk is high investing in Brazil in one stock the returns are even higher if ones gets lucky selecting the right stock.

The following shows the 5 year returns from investing $10K in one stock:

Top Foreign (ADR) Stocks List


Company Name




Current Value


Note: The returns were calculated by S&P; and was published last year around May-June time frame.Still the data gives us some starting point to analyze and identify such multibaggers.

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