ADR stocks for a bear market !!

During bear markets like the current one, stocks in the slow-growth, unattractive sectors like food, consumer staples, utility, forestry, paper etc. will give the much-needed stability in a portfolio. When the market crashes some 400 or 500 points some of these stocks may be green in a sea of read all over. These stocks acts a counter weight to the portfolio – kinda of like an anchor for a ship.

In this first article, I am listing some forestry and paper ADR stocks:

1. Aracruz Celulose – Brazil – ARA

2. Sappi – South Africa – SPP

3. Stora Enso Oyj – Finland – SEO

4. UPM-Kymmene – Finland – UPM

5. Votorantim Celulose e Papel – Brazil – VCP

Do your own research before investing. In future posts, I will add some more stocks that may help one to survive in this vicious bear market.


  1. didcrywolf
    Thanks for the comment.

    Yes thats a good idea.Never thought about that.I will work on it and post an article soon.


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