Australian Bank ADRs !!

Australia is a great country blessed with plenty of natural resources. The economy benefits from Australia’s links to other Asian countries such as China, Singapore, India, etc.

Listed below are the four Australian bank stocks that are available in the US as ADRs:

1. Australia and New Zealand Banking – ANZBY
Has over 1200 branches in Australia, NZ and other countries.Pays a dividend of about 5.2% and over $40B market cap.PE is about 12.

2. National Australia Bank – NABZY
Largest bank in Australia with a 5.9% yield and over $44B market cap.PE is about 12.

3. Westpac Banking – WBK

Has a dividend yield of 5.49% and a market cap. of $39B.YTD the stock is down some 13%.

4. St.George Bank – STGKY
This is a thinly traded stock.YTD the stock is down some 17%.

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