Weekend Wisdom !!

Below are some randomly selected articles that you can read over the weekend.

1. From ETFtrends:

Mexico Will Put Billions Into Infrastructure – ETF Might Say ‘Ole!’

talks about how ishares Mexico ETF EWW might benefit from infrastructure investment.

2.Some Sector ETFs’ Performance Signals Optimism

says there seem like homebuilders, financials are slowly coming back to life.

3.Infrastructure ETFs Could Build Up in Weak Economy
talks about how infrastructure buildup in emerging countries might benefit the ETFs in that space.

4.Life is Harder at Taipei
Taiwan is a great country for contract manufacturing of all kinds of goods from circuit boards to computers to printers. For a detailed overview of how life is in Taiwan especially in the capital Taipei, read the above linked article by my friend KC Lau.

5.E.On raises gas prices by 15%
German utility giant EON AG has increased gas prices. Time to pick up some stocks?

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