Black Gold Beauties !!!!!

With Crude oil touching the $100 barrel mark recently it makes sense to dig into the oil company stocks. Demand is going thru the roof worldwide while supply seems unable to keep up due to many reason like some “rebels” attacking pipelines in Nigeria to oil well blowups or explosions in some refinery someplace.
Or for that matter supply is “suppressed” by the OPEC Cartel when the price goes down slightly. Whatever the reason the price at the pump keeps going up and no wonder oil company stocks have risen handsomely over the past few years.

Outside of US there are plenty of energy companies that are growing exponentially and rewarding shareholders year after year. Whether its Pemex of Mexico, Petronas of Malaysia or Petrobras of Brazil or that world’s first “Trillion”$ market cap stock PetroChina of China, profits keep gushing like the first oil well in Texas.

Listed below are some of these high growth energy company stocks from other countries:

1.Hungary – MOL Magyar Olaj-ES Gazipari
Ticker –

This company is active in the crude oil and natural gas business in central and eastern Europe.Stock has grown from < $15 to over $85 in the past 5 years.

2. South Africa – Sasol Ltd.
Ticker – SSL

Operates in crude,gas, chemical sectors. Owns the only inland crude oil refinery in South Africa.Has been trading in NYSE since 1994.South Africa, being the most developed country in Africa with lots of cars, this company is the “sweet spot”.

3. Brazil – Petrobras
Ticker – PBR

This one is the largest traded foreign stock in the US. The government of Brazil owns 30% of this company and this stock rose from nearly $50 a few months ago to over $117 recently. Seems like a well run Brazilian operation that makes all the right moves at the right time including discovering new oil deposits.

Wealth Builder: A $10,000 investment in PBR stock 5 years ago would have grown to $196,695 as of Jan 3rd, 2008.

Source: S&P; Report dated 1/3/08.

4. Argentina – Pertobras Energia
Ticker – PZE

Argentina holds a lot of potential.The country has the most Europeans among South American countries and is recovering nicely from the economic collapse a few years ago.

Other oil companies worth looking into are:

5. TotalFina from France – TOT
6. Repsol from Spain – REP
7. BP from good old UK – BP
8. StatOilHydro from Norway – STO
9. Eni from Italy – E

The above mentioned companies are well oil(ed) money making machines.
So join the party while it lasts !!!

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