Why should you invest in foreign utility stocks?

There are many reasons why you should invest a part of your portfolio in foreign utility stocks. Listed below are some of them: 1. Conservative growth – Generally utilities are considered to be a conservative investor’s best friend. They tend to growth slowly and steadily over time and provide high dividends. Unlike technology stocks or …

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Invest (some) in International Real Estate !!!!

Invest a portion of your portfolio in Global real estate. This may sound really silly considering the “sub-prime” crisis that is going on now in the US. But remember this is a problem mainly affecting the US.Agree that it has international impact since many financial institutions have invested in the derivative securities such as CDOs …

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France – Pictures

Above are some photos of France. #1. The Map shows the French (SNCF) rail network – both regular and hi-speed routes.Click on the picture to make it larger. #2. A beautiful painting in the Louvre museum. #3 & 4. Versailles Palace. -David www.topforeignstocks.com