The Top 12 Current Account Surplus Countries

The Top 3 current account surplus in 2006 were China, Japan and Germany in that order. In 2016, Germany became the world’s top current account surplus country: Click to enlarge Source: Your morphing global savings glut, FT Alphaville From an investment point of view, sometimes surplus countries are better for investment than deficit countries. The US …

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West Virginia Coal Employee-Production Gap: Chart

The number of American workers employed in the coal industry is at a near-record low.According to EIA, the total number of coal workers stood at 65,971 in 2015. This is the lowest figure since the agency started gathering data in 1978. One of the major coal mining states in the US is West Virginia. Coal mining …

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2016 Tax Rates By Country: Chart

Tax  rate comparison across countries is interesting to review. According to OECD data, the US tax rate is lower than other developed countries and OECD average. a. 2016 Tax Rates for A Single Worker Couple by Country Click to enlarge b. 2016 Tax Rates for A Couple with one earner and two children by Country Source: Sorry America, …

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The Evolution of the EU: Infographic

The Maastricht Treaty signed in 1992 led to the creation of the European Union(EU). Since then the EU has expanded many more countries including many of the former Warsaw pact countries.The following infographic shows the evolution of the EU: Click to enlarge Source: How the EU Has Changed, Sputnik News

Percentage Share of Total Employment That Depend on Exports for Select Countries: Chart

The economies of some countries are heavily dependent on exports while others do not. A higher percentage of jobs in export-driven countries depend on exports. For example, Germany is a classic export-based economy unlike the US which is a consumption-based economy. So 30% of total employment is attributed to exports. In the US, the figure …

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