The Complete List of Oilfield Services & Equipment Stocks Trading on the NYSE

The Complete List of Oil Services & Equipment Stocks Trading on the NYSE as of Sept 4, 2023 are shown below:

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S.No.Company NameTickerCountry
1Adams Resources & Energy Inc.AEUnited States
2Argan Inc.AGXUnited States
3Core Laboratories N.V.CLBNetherlands
4Crestwood Equity Partners LPCEQPUnited States
5Enservco CorporationENSVUnited States
6Equitrans Midstream CorporationETRNUnited States
7Expro Group Holdings N.V.XPROUnited States
8Flotek Industries Inc.FTKUnited States
9Fluor CorporationFLRUnited States
10Helix Energy Solutions Group Inc.HLXUnited States
11Hess Midstream LPHESMUnited States
12Jacobs Solutions Inc.JUnited States
13KBR Inc.KBRUnited States
14Liberty Energy Inc.LBRTUnited States
15NexTier Oilfield Solutions Inc.NEXUnited States
16Nine Energy Service Inc.NINEUnited States
17Oceaneering International Inc.OIIUnited States
18Orion Group Holdings Inc.ORNUnited States
19Precision Drilling CorporationPDSCanada
20ProPetro Holding Corp.PUMPUnited States
21Ranger Energy Services Inc.RNGRUnited States
22RPC Inc.RESUnited States
23Schlumberger N.V.SLBFrance
24Seill LimitedSDRLBermuda
25Summit Midstream Partners LPSMLPUnited States
26Tidewater Inc.TDWUnited States
27USA Compression Partners LPUSACUnited States
28Western Midstream Partners LPWESUnited States

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