The Complete List of Listed Companies on the Papua New Guinea Port Moresby Stock Exchange (POMSoX)

The Complete List of Listed Companies on the Papua New Guinea Port Moresby Stock Exchange (POMSoX) as of Jan 1, 2024 are listed below:

No.Company Name PNGX CodeDate ListedIndustry Group
1Bank South Pacific LimitedBSP27/08/2003Banking and Finance
2City Pharmarcy LimitedCPL20/02/2002Industrial
3Coppermoly LimitedCOY22/10/2008Mining and Exploration
4Credit Corporation (PNG) LimitedCCP24/08/2000Finance
5Kina Asset Management LimitedKAM7/7/2008Investment
6Kina Securities LimitedKSL29/07/2015Banking and Finance
7New Guinea Islands Produce LimitedNGP25/08/2009Agriculture and Industrial
8Newcrest Mining LimitedNCM22/09/2010Mining and Exploration
9Newmont CorporationNEM26/10/2023Mining and Exploration
10Niuminco Group LimitedNIU29/10/2013Mining and Exploration
11PNG Air LimitedCGA25/06/2008Aviation
12Santos LimitedSTO13/12/2021Oil and Gas
13Steamships Trading Company LimitedSST6/4/1999Industrial

Data Source: PNG Stock Exchange

Download Complete List of Listed Companies on the Papua New Guinea Port Moresby Stock Exchange in Excel:

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  1. Hi,
    My name is Susan. My dad bought some shares from Kina Finance under Universal Trading limited in 1987. He has his certificate, however was unable to get the updates to this date. How is he going to get his dividends.
    Please tell us where to go?
    Thank you.

  2. Hi I bought shares with the Marengo Mining Ltd in 2013 & I have removed my shares to Canada. Up to date I have not received any form of updates regarding my shares. I bought the shares via Kina Securities. Please Advice!

  3. Ok. Sorry I am unable to help to resolve this issue. Please contact Kina or the exchange or a bank directly and they will be able to look into your issue. Thanks.

  4. Hi I bought shares with highlands pacific Limited back in year 2006, The last dividend received in year 2014 from there no more dividends or news being received from them please help me locate my shares and dividends from this stockbroker.and where I can find help to find back my shares with highlands pacific Limited.Thankyou,Kindly Regards.

  5. Hi
    Unfortunately I am not able help you locate your shares. Please contact the broker directly or the stock exchange and provide any evidence you have. They will be able to help you.

    Good luck!

  6. Iam a new investor and I wanted to buy shares with Real Estate Investment Trust. How do I purchase my shares and what are the names of trust are real estate trusts in PNG.

  7. Ok.Please reach out to a broker or bank for help to buy shares. Or contact the exchange directly as well.
    Unfortunately I am not able to help with your question.

  8. Iam a new investor and im looking to buy shares in Credit corporation (SI ltd)and BSP (SI ltd)
    Please show me how and the share prices
    Eddie Talae, honiara

  9. Hi,
    do you have contacts of Stock Brokers here in PNG that we can rely on to help us attend to many issues affecting our shares in companies we paid.

    Provide their address
    Please advise


  10. I am Francise Morris I bought a share with Marengo in Madang. Now how can I get through. I got all my mails with me

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