The Complete List of Listed Companies on the Vietnam Ho Chi Minh Stock Exchange

The Complete List of Listed Companies on the Vietnam Ho Chi Minh Stock Exchange as of Dec 20, 2021 are shown below:

S.No.Listing Company NameTicker
1577 Investment CorporationNBB
2ACC Binh Duong Investment and Construction Joint Stock CompanyACC
3Agribank Securities CorporationAGR
4An Duong Thao Dien Real Estate Trading Investment Joint Stock CompanyHAR
5An Gia Real Estate Investment and Development CorporationAGG
6An Giang Import - Export CompanyAGM
7An Pha Petroleum Group Joint Stock CompanyASP
8An Phat Bioplastics Joint Stock CompanyAAA
9An Phat Holdings Joint Stock CompanyAPH
10An Phu Irradiation Joint Stock CompanyAPC
11An Tien Industries Joint Stock CompanyHII
12Apax Holdings Joint Stock CompanyIBC
13APG Securities Joint Stock CompanyAPG
14ASG CorporationASG
15Asia Commercial Joint Stock BankACB
16Ba Ria – Vung Tau House Development Joint Stock CompanyHDC
17Ba Ria Thermal Power Joint Stock CompanyBTP
18BAF Viet Nam Agriculture Joint Stock CompanyBAF
19Bamboo Capital Joint Stock CompanyBCG
20Baominh Insurance CorporationBMI
21BaoViet HoldingsBVH
22Becamex Infrastructure Development Joint Stock CompanyIJC
23Ben Thanh Trading & Service Joint Stock CompanyBTT
24BenThanh Rubber Joint Stock CompanyBRC
25Bentre Aquaproduct Import And Export Joint Stock CompanyABT
26BenTre Pharmaceutical Joint Stock CompanyDBT
27BIBICA CorporationBBC
28BIDV Insurance Corporation.BIC
29BIDV Securities Joint Stock CompanyBSI
30Bien Hoa Packaging Joint Stock CompanySVI
31Binh Dien Fertilizer Joint Stock CompanyBFC
32Binh Dinh Minerals Joint Stock CompanyBMC
33Binh Dinh Pharmaceutical and Medical Equipment Joint Stock CompanyDBD
34Binh Duong Construction and Civil Engineering Joint Stock Company.BCE
35Binh Duong Mineral and Construction Joint Stock CompanyKSB
36Binh Duong Trade and Development Joint Stock CompanyTDC
37Binh Duong Water Environment Joint Stock CompanyBWE
38Binh Minh Plastics Joint Stock CompanyBMP
39Binh Thanh Import Export Production and Trade Joint Stock CompanyGIL
40Binh Thuan Agriculture Services JSCABS
41BKG VietNam Investment Joint Stock CompanyBKG
42Camau Trading Joint Stock Company.CMV
43Camimex Group Joint Stock CompanyCMX
44Can Don Hydro Power Joint Stock CompanySJD
45Cat Lai Port Joint Stock CompanyCLL
46Cat Loi Joint Stock CompanyCLC
47Central Hydropower Joint Stock CompanyCHP
48Central Power Real Estate Joint Stock CompanyLEC
49Century Land Joint Stock CompanyCRE
50Century Synthetic Fiber CorporationSTK
51Cho Lon Water Supply Joint Stock CompanyCLW
52Chuong Duong Beverages Joint Stock CompanySCD
53Chuong Duong CorporationCDC
54CIC39 CorporationC32
55CII Bridges and Roads Investment Joint Stock CompanyLGC
56CII Engineering and Construction JSCCEE
57City Auto CorporationCTF
58Clever Group CorporationADG
59CMC CorporationCMG
60CMC Joint Stock CompanyCVT
61CNG Viet Nam Joint Stock CompanyCNG
62Coma18 Joint Stock CompanyCIG
63Construction Joint Stock Company 47C47
64Construction Joint Stock Company No 5SC5
65Coteccons Construction Joint Stock CompanyCTD
66Create Capital Viet Nam Joint Stock CompanyCRC
67Cuchi Commercial And Industrial Developing Investment Joint Stock CompanyCCI
68Cuongthuan Idico Development Investment CorporationCTI
69Cuu Long Fish Joint Stock CompanyACL
70Cuu Long Petro Urban Development and Investment CorporationCCL
71Cuu Long Pharmaceutical Joint Stock CompanyDCL
72Da Nang Construction Building Materials Vicem Joint Stock CompanyDXV
74Dai Thien Loc CorporationDTL
75??m Sen Water Park CorporationDSN
76Damsan Joint Stock CompanyADS
77Danang Rubber Joint Stock CompanyDRC
78Dat Phuong Group Joint Stock CompanyDPG
79Dat Xanh Group Joint Stock CompanyDXG
80Dat Xanh Real Estate Joint Stock CompanyDXS
81De Tam Joint Stock Company.DTA
82Development Investment Construction Joint Stock CorporationDIG
83DHG Pharmaceutical Joint Stock CompanyDHG
84DIC Holdings Construction JSCDC4
85Dien Quang Lamp Joint Stock CompanyDQC
86Digiworld CorporationDGW
87Dinh Vu Port Investment & Development Joint Stock CompanyDVP
88Do Thanh Technology CorporationDTT
89Domesco Medical Import Export Joint Stock CorporationDMC
90Dong A Hotel Group Joint Stock CompanyDAH
91Dong A Plastic Group Joint Stock CompanyDAG
92Dong Hai Joint Stock Company of BentreDHC
93Dong Nai Port Joint Stock CompanyPDN
94Dong Phu Rubber Joint Stock CompanyDPR
95DRH Holdings Joint Stock CompanyDRH
96Dry Cell and Storage Battery Joint Stock CompanyPAC
97Duc Giang Chemicals Group Joint Stock CompanyDGC
98Duc Long Gia Lai Group Joint Stock CompanyDLG
99Duc Quan Investment and Development Joint Stock CompanyFTM
100Duc Thanh Wood Processing Joint Stock CompanyGDT
101Duong Hieu Trading and Mining Joint Stock CompanyDHM
102Duyen Hai Multi Modal Transport Joint Stock CompanyTCO
103Electrical Equipment Joint Stock CompanyTHI
104Electronics Communications Technology Investment Development CorporationELC
105Everland Group Joint Stock CompanyEVG
106Everpia Joint Stock CompanyEVE
107F.I.T Group Joint Stock CompanyFIT
108FECON CorporationFCN
109FECON Mining Joint Stock CompanyFCM
110FLC FAROS Construction Joint Stock CompanyROS
111FLC Group Joint Stock CompanyFLC
112FLC Mining Investment & Asset Management Joint Stock CompanyGAB
113FLC Stone Mining and Investment Joint Stock CompanyAMD
114Foreign Trade Development and Investment Corporation of Ho Chi Minh CityFDC
115FPT CorporationFPT
116FPT Digital Retail Joint Stock CompanyFRT
117FPT Securities Joint Stock CompanyFTS
118Garmex Saigon CorporationGMC
119GELEX Group Joint Stock CompanyGEX
120Gemadept CorporationGMD
121Gia Lai Electricity Joint Stock CompanyGEG
122GTNFOODS Joint Stock CompanyGTN
123Ha Do Group Joint Stock CompanyHDG
124Ha Noi South Housing And Urban Development CorporationNHA
125Ha Tien 1 Cement Joint Stock CompanyHT1
126HACISCO Joint Stock CompanyHAS
127HAI Agrochem Joint Stock CompanyHAI
128Hai An Transport and Stevedoring Joint Stock CompanyHAH
129Hai Phat Investment Joint Stock CompanyHPX
130Hai Phong Hoang Ha Paper Joint Stock CompanyHHP
131Halcom VietNam Joint Stock CompanyHID
132Hang Xanh Motors Service Joint Stock CompanyHAX
133Hanoi Beer Alcohol and Beverage Joint Stock CorporationBHN
134Hanoi Plastics Joint Stock CompanyNHH
135Hapaco Group Joint Stock CompanyHAP
136HCD Investment Producing and Trading Joint Stock CompanyHCD
137Ho Chi Minh City Development Joint Stock Commercial BankHDB
138Ho Chi Minh City Infrastructure Investment Joint Stock CompanyCII
139Ho Chi Minh City Securities CorporationHCM
140Hoa An Joint Stock CompanyDHA
141Hoa Binh Construction Group Joint Stock CompanyHBC
142Hoa Binh Rubber Joint Stock CompanyHRC
143Hoa Phat Group Joint Stock CompanyHPG
144Hoa Sen GroupHSG
145Hoang Anh Gia Lai Agricultural Joint Stock CompanyHNG
146Hoang Anh Gia Lai Joint Stock CompanyHAG
147Hoang Huy Investment Financial Services Joint Stock CompanyTCH
148Hoang Huy Investment Services Joint Stock CompanyHHS
149Hoang Minh Finance Investment Joint Stock CompanyKPF
150Hoang Quan Consulting – Trading – Service Real Estate CorporationHQC
151Hoi An Tourist Holding CompanyHOT
152Hong Ha Food Investment Development Joint Stock CompanyHSL
153HUD1 Investment and Construction Joint Stock CompanyHU1
154HUD3 Investment and construction joint stock companyHU3
155Hung Thinh Incons Joint Stock CompanyHTN
156HVC Investment and Technology Joint Stock CompanyHVH
157Hydro Power Joint Stock Company – Power No.3DRL
158I.D.I International Development and Investment CorporationIDI
159ICD Tan Cang - Long Binh Joint Stock CompanyILB
160IDICO Infrastructure Development Investment Joint Stock CompanyHTI
161Idico Urban and House Development Investment Joint Stock CompanyUIC
162Imexpharm CorporationIMP
163Industrial Urban Development Joint Stock Company No.2D2D
164Innovative Technology Development CorporationITD
165International Gas Product Shipping Joint Stock CompanyGSP
166Investment and Industrial Development Joint Stock CorporationBCM
167Investment and Trading of Real Estate Joint Stock CompanyITC
168Japan Vietnam Medical Instrument Joint Stock CompanyJVC
169Joint Stock Commercial Bank For Foreign Trade of Viet NamVCB
170Joint Stock Commercial Bank For Investment And Development Of VietnamBID
171Joint Stock Company For Telecoms And InformaticsICT
172Khai Hoan Land Real Estate Joint Stock CompanyKHG
173Khang Dien House Trading and Investment Joint Stock CompanyKDH
174Khanh Hoa Power Joint Stock CompanyKHP
175KIDO Group CorporationKDC
176Kien Giang Construction Investment Consultancy GroupCKG
177Kinh Bac City Development Holding CorporationKBC
178Kosy Joint Stock CompanyKOS
179Lam Dong Minerals and Building Materials Joint Stock CompanyLBM
180Lam Son Sugar Joint Stock CorporationLSS
181Lao Cai Mineral Exploitation and Processing Joint Stock CompanyLCM
182LDG Investment Joint Stock CompanyLDG
183Licogi 16 Joint Stock CompanyLCG
184Lien Viet Post Joint Stock Commercial BankLPB
185Lilama 10 Joint Stock CompanyL10
186Lilama 18 Joint Stock CompanyLM8
187Lix Detergent Joint Stock CompanyLIX
188Logistics Vicem Joint Stock CompanyHTV
189Long An Food Processing Export Joint Stock CompanyLAF
190Long Giang Investment and Urban Development Joint Stock CompanyLGL
191Long Hau CorporationLHG
192Masan Group CorporationMSN
193Materials Petroleum Joint Stock CompanyCOM
194MCG Energy and Real Estate Joint Stock CompanyMCG
195Mekong Fisheries Joint Stock CompanyAAM
196MHC Joint Stock CompanyMHC
197Mien Dong Joint – Stock CompanyMDG
198Military Commercial Joint Stock BankMBB
199Military Insurance CorporationMIG
200Mirae Joint Stock CompanyKMR
201Mobile World Investment CorporationMWG
202My Chau Printing and Packaging CorporationMCP
203Nafoods Group Joint Stock CompanyNAF
204Nam Hoa Trading and Production CorporationNHT
205Nam Kim Steel Joint Stock CompanyNKG
206Nam Long Investment CorporationNLG
207Nam Song Hau Trading Investing Petroleum Joint Stock CompanyPSH
208Nam Viet CorporationANV
209Nam Viet Joint Stock CompanyNAV
210Ninh Van Bay Travel Real Estate Joint Stock CompanyNVT
211No Va Land Investment Group CorporationNVL
212Noibai Cargo Terminal Services Joint Stock CompanyNCT
213Nui Nho Stone Co-OperationNNC
214Ocean Group Joint Stock CompanyOGC
215OPC Pharmaceutical Joint Stock CompanyOPC
216Orient Commercial Joint Stock BankOCB
217Petro Capital & Infrastructure Investment Joint Stock CompanyPTL
218Petro Center CorporationPMG
219Petro Viet Nam Low Pressure GAS Distribution Joint Stock CompanyPGD
220Petroleum Equipment Assembly and Metal Structure Joint Stock CompanyPXS
221Petroleum Industrial and Civil Construction Joint Stock CompanyPXI
222Petrolimex Gas Corporation - JSCPGC
223Petrolimex Insurance CorporationPGI
224Petrolimex International Trading Joint Stock CompanyPIT
225Petrolimex Joint Stock Tanker CompanyPJT
226PetroVietnam Ca Mau Fertilizer Joint Stock CompanyDCM
227PetroVietNam Drilling & Well Service CorporationPVD
228Petrovietnam Fertilizer And Chemicals CorporationDPM
229PetroVietnam Gas Joint Stock CorporationGAS
230Petrovietnam General Services CorporationPET
231PetroVietnam Power CorporationPOW
232PetroVietnam Power Nhon Trach 2 Joint Stock CompanyNT2
233PetroVietNam Transportation CorporationPVT
234Pha Lai Thermal Power Joint Stock CompanyPPC
235Pha Le Plastics Manufacturing and Technology Joint Stock CompanyPLP
236Phat Dat Real Estate Development CorpPDR
237Phu Nhuan Jewelry Joint Stock CompanyPNJ
238Phu Tai Joint Stock CompanyPTB
239Phuc Hung Holdings Construction Joint Stock CompanyPHC
240Phuoc Hoa Rubber Joint Stock CompanyPHR
241Phuong Nam Cultural Joint Stock CorporationPNC
242Pomina Steel CorporationPOM
243Post and Telecommunications Investment and Construction Joint Stock companyPTC
244Power Construction Joint Stock Company No 1PC1
245Power Engineering Consulting Joint Stock Company 2TV2
246Quang Binh Import And Export Joint Stock CompanyQBS
247Quoc Cuong Gia Lai Joint Stock CompanyQCG
248Rang Dong Holding Joint Stock CompanyRDP
249Rangdong Light Source and Vacuum Flask Joint Stock CompanyRAL
250Refrigeration Electrical Engineering CorporationREE
251Royal International CorporationRIC
252S.P.M CorporationSPM
253Sai Gon – Ha Noi Commercial Joint Stock BankSHB
254Sai Gon - Mien Trung Beer Joint Stock CompanySMB
255Sai Gon Cargo Service CorporationSCS
256Sai Gon Fuel Joint Stock CompanySFC
257Sai Gon Ground Services Joint Stock CompanySGN
258Sai Gon Telecommunication & Technologies CorporationSGT
259Sai Gon Thuong Tin Commercial Joint Stock BankSTB
260Sai Gon Thuong Tin Real Estate Joint Stock CompanySCR
261Sai Gon Vien Dong Technology Joint Stock CompanySVT
262Sai Gon Water Infrastructure CorporationSII
263Saigon Beer – Alcohol – Beverage CorporationSAB
264Saigon General Service CorporationSVC
265Saigon Machinery Spare Parts Joint Stock CompanySMA
266Saigon Real Estate Group Joint Stock CompanySGR
267SAM Holdings CorporationSAM
268Sao Mai Group CorporationASM
269Sao Ta Foods Joint Stock CompanyFMC
270Sao Vang Rubber Joint Stock CompanySRC
271Savimex CorporationSAV
272Sea & Air Freight InternationalSFI
273SEAREFICO CorporationSRF
274Sesan 4A HydroElectric Joint Stock CompanyS4A
275Siam Brothers Vietnam Joint Stock CompanySBV
276Sieu Thanh Joint Stock CorporationST8
277SMC Trading Investment Joint Stock CompanySMC
278Son Ha International CorporationSHI
279Son Ha Sai Gon Joint Stock CompanySHA
280Sonadezi Chau Duc Shareholding CompanySZC
281Sonadezi Long Thanh Shareholding CompanySZL
282Song Ba Joint Stock CompanySBA
283Song Da Urban & Industrial Zone Investment and Development Joint Stock CompanySJS
284Song Hong Garment Joint Stock CompanyMSH
285South Basic Chemicals Joint Stock CompanyCSV
286South Logistics Joint Stock CompanySTG
287Southeast Asia Commercial Joint Stock BankSSB
288Southern Hydropower Joint Stock CompanySHP
289Southern Seed CorporationSSC
290SSI Securities CorporationSSI
291Sunstar Investment Joint Stock CompanySJF
292Superdong Fast Ferry Kien Giang Joint Stock CompanySKG
293Tai Nguyen CorporationTNT
294Taicera Enterprise CompanyTCR
295Tan Binh Import – Export Joint Stock CorporationTIX
296Tan Cang Logistics and Stevedoring Joint Stock CompanyTCL
297Tan Dai Hung Plastic Joint Stock CompanyTPC
298Tan Tao Investment and Industry CorporationITA
299Taseco Air Services Joint Stock CompanyAST
300Tay Ninh Cable Car Tour CompanyTCT
301Tay Ninh Rubber Joint Stock CompanyTRC
302Taya (Vietnam) Electric Wire and Cable Joint Stock CompanyTYA
303TDG GLOBAL Investment Joint Stock CompanyTDG
304Techno - Agricultural Supplying Joint Stock CompanyTSC
305Thac Ba Hydropower Joint Stock CompanyTBC
306Thac Mo Hydro Power Joint Stock CompanyTMP
307Thai Nguyen International Hospital Joint Stock CompanyTNH
308Thang Long Urban Development and Construction Investment Joint Stock CompanyTLD
309Thanh Cong Textile Garment Investment Trading Joint Stock CompanyTCM
310Thanh Nam Group Joint Stock CompanyTNI
311Thanh Thanh Cong - Bien Hoa Joint Stock CompanySBT
312Thanh Thanh Cong Tourist Joint Stock CompanyVNG
313The PAN Group Joint Stock CompanyPAN
314The Southern Fertilizer Joint Stock CompanySFG
315The Southern Rubber Industry Joint Stock CompanyCSM
316Thien Long Group CorporationTLG
317Thien Nam Trading Import Export CorporationTNA
318Thien Viet Securities Joint Stock CompanyTVS
319Thong Nhat Rubber Joint Stock CompanyTNC
320Thu Dau Mot Water Joint Stock CompanyTDM
321Thu Duc Electro Mechanical Joint Stock CompanyEMC
322Thu Duc Housing Development CorporationTDH
323Thu Duc Water Supply Joint Stock CompanyTDW
324Thua Thien Hue Construction Joint Stock CorporationHUB
325Thuan An Wood Processing Joint Stock CompanyGTA
326Thuan Duc Joint Stock CompanyTDP
327Tien Bo Joint Stock CompanyTTB
328Tien Giang Investment and Construction Joint Stock CompanyTHG
329Tien Len Steel Corporation Joint Stock CompanyTLH
330Tien Phong Commercial Joint Stock BankTPB
331Tien Phong Securities CorporationORS
332Tien Son Thanh Hoa Joint Stock CompanyAAT
333Tin Nghia Industrial Park Development Joint Stock CompanyTIP
334TMT Motors CorporationTMT
335Transimex CorporationTMS
336Transport and Industry Development Investment Joint Stock CompanyTCD
337Traphaco Joint Stock CompanyTRA
338Travel Investment And Seafood Development CorporationDAT
339Tri Viet Securities Joint Stock CompanyTVB
340Truong Giang Investment and Construction Joint Stock CompanyTGG
341Truong Long Engineering and Auto Joint Stock CompanyHTL
342Truong Thanh Development and Construction Investment Joint Stock CompanyTTA
343Truong Thanh Energy and Real Estate Joint Stock CompanyTEG
344Truong Thanh Furniture CorporationTTF
345Truong Thinh Energy Investment Joint Stock CompanyTTE
346Tu Liem Urban Development Joint Stock CompanyNTL
347Tuong An Vegetable Oil Joint Stock CompanyTAC
348Urban Development and Construction CorporationUDC
349Van Dien Fused Magnesium Phosphate Fertilizer Joint Stock CompanyVAF
350Van Phat Hung CorporationVPH
351Van Phu - Invest Investment Joint Stock CompanyVPI
352Vicem Hai Van Cement Joint Stock CompanyHVX
353Vidipha Central Pharmaceutical Joint Stock CompanyVDP
354Vien Dong Investment Development Trading CorporationVID
355Viet Capital Securities Joint Stock CompanyVCI
356Viet Dragon Securities CorporationVDS
357Viet Nam – Italy Steel Joint Stock CompanyVIS
358Viet Nam Dairy Products Joint Stock CompanyVNM
359Viet Nam Fumigation Joint Stock CompanyVFG
360Viet Nam Joint Stock Commercial Bank For Industry And TradeCTG
361Viet Nam National Petroleum GroupPLX
362Viet Nam Ocean Shipping Joint Stock CompanyVOS
363Viet Nam Petroleum Transport Joint Stock CompanyVIP
364Viet Nam Power Development Joint Stock CompanyVPD
365Viet Nam Rubber Group - Joint Stock CompanyGVR
366Viet Nam Tanker Joint Stock CompanyVTO
367Viet Phat Import Export Trading Investment Joint Stock CompanyVPG
368Viet Thang CorporationTVT
369VietJet Aviation Joint Stock CompanyVJC
370Vietnam Airlines JSCHVN
371Vietnam Bank for Industry and Trade Securities Joint Stock CompanyCTS
372Vietnam Construction and Import - Export Joint Stock CompanyVCG
373Vietnam Container Shipping Joint Stock CorporationVSC
374Vietnam Electric Cable CorporationCAV
375Vietnam Electricity Construction Joint Stock CorporationVNE
376Vietnam Export Import Commercial Joint Stock BankEIB
377Vietnam International Commercial Joint Stock BankVIB
378Vietnam Maritime Commercial Joint Stock BankMSB
379Vietnam National Seed Group Joint Stock CompanyNSC
380Vietnam Pesticide Joint Stock CompanyVPS
381VietNam Prosperity Joint Stock Commercial BankVPB
382Vietnam Sun CorporationVNS
383Vietnam Technological and Commercial Joint Stock BankTCB
384Viettronics Tan Binh Joint Stock CompanyVTB
385Viglacera Corporation - JSCVGC
386Vimedimex Medi – Pharma Joint Stock CompanyVMD
387Vinacafé Bien Hoa Joint Stock CompanyVCF
388Vinalink Logistics CorporationVNL
389Vincom Retail Joint Stock CompanyVRE
390Vingroup Joint Stock CompanyVIC
391Vinh Hoan CorporationVHC
392Vinh Son - Song Hinh Hydropower Joint Stock CompanyVSH
393Vinhomes Joint Stock CompanyVHM
394VIX Securities Joint Stock CompanyVIX
395VNDIRECT Securities CorporationVND
396Vnsteel - Ho Chi Minh City Metal CorporationHMC
397VNSTEEL - VICASA Joint Stock CompanyVCA
398VRC Real Estate and Investment Joint Stock CompanyVRC
399Vu Dang Investment & Trading Joint Stock CompanySVD
400Water Supply Sewerage Construction and Investment Joint Stock CompanyVSI
401Yeah1 Group CorporationYEG
402Yen Bai Industry Mineral Joint Stock CompanyYBM

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Source: Ho Chi Minh Stock Exchange


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