The Complete List of Listed Companies on the Papua New Guinea Port Moresby Stock Exchange (POMSoX)

The Complete List of Listed Companies on the Papua New Guinea Port Moresby Stock Exchange (POMSoX) as of Feb 16, 2021 are listed below:

S.No.Company NameTickerIndustry
1Bank South Pacific LimitedBSPBanking and Finance
2City Pharmarcy LimitedCPLIndustrial
3Coppermoly LimitedCOYMining and Exploration
4Credit Corporation (PNG) LimitedCCPFinance
5Kina Asset Management LimitedKAMInvestment
6Kina Securities LimitedKSLBanking and Finance
7New Guinea Islands Produce LimitedNGPAgriculture and Industrial
8Newcrest Mining LimitedNCMMining and Exploration
9Niuminco Group LimitedNIUMining and Exploration
10Oil Search LimitedOSHOil and Gas
11PNG Air LimitedCGAAviation
12Steamships Trading Company LimitedSSTIndustrial

Data Source: PNG Stock Exchange


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  1. Sorry to hear that. Unfortunately I do not know the answer. Since its delisted you may want to contact the company’s Investor Relations directly and ask about the dividend or contact the stock exchange for help. You can also contact a bank or a broker for assistance. Thx.

  2. Hello, there
    Can anyone help me to buy shares with major companies in Papua New Guinea


  3. Hi,
    My name is Lynn Ben Yokon, My late father Ben Yokon bought shares in some company I don’t exactly know which companies he bought shares in. He’s always quit about finance. He died suddenly early last year and I don’t know if he bought shares in any company, are you able to tell me if he did buy any shares.

  4. Unfortunately I am not able to help you with your question. Please contact a broker or a bank to check if he actually owned any shares. You can also directly contact the stock exchange as well.

  5. Can someone help me. I want to know if you can buy and sell shares whenever you want to.. or do you have to wait a certain amount of time before doing so??

  6. I heard people say buying shares is a fast way of making money, but I do not know how to go about doing that transaction. Can anyone assist me?

  7. Not necessarily fast way to make money.They are good to build wealth overtime. Try to do research online and learn about this. Unfortunately I won’t be able to assist in this regard..

  8. My father bought share with mainland holding company and after resign in 1995, hes name was not in system now 2020, please can anyone help me.

  9. Hallow,
    My name is Hanscliffe Albert Konie.
    My father bought shares which I couldn’t find it so can you help me find my father’s business name here Waks Imea.Owner is Albert Konie.

  10. hi there,
    I want to (Bid and Ask) buy shares and I would like to know if there is any available a the market right now.

    thank you.

  11. Sir, I bought in Mineral Coloration in Ausstck market up until have not heard or receive any feedback from AusStock should you check for me or can I check it myself

  12. Could anyone at Westpac (png) help please. I am looking for ways to invest/buying shares within the bank. I live in a rural area and am in need of such help. I am a current Westpac bank card user. Please can anyone at the Westpac help desk help and text me on contact (675)79554106. Thanks very much.

  13. Just some information, if a company is delisted, that means it no longer trades on the PNG stock exchange(PNGX) and will not pay dividends. I would contact PNG Registries directly on any info. 3216377, you would need your SRN number to make it easier for the staff.

    There are only two brokers in PNG now, Kina Securities and JMP Securities (previously BSP Capital). All share trading application and queries should email;
    Kina Securities:
    JMP Securities:

    Highlands Pacific is now owned by Conic Metals and they don’t pay a dividend. BSP Credit corp and Kina Securities are very strong with the best dividends. But theres also Big international Stocks that have interests in PNG which we can invest in aswell

    In any case, investing should be long term and not based on dividend but the strenght of the company.
    I wish for all Papua New Guineans to be more owners than spectators, we should invest together and take back PNG 1 share at a time.

    If you have any other specific questions contact me on I’d love to help for nothing.

  14. Why we PNG not allowed or restricted from trading shares with other registered brokers. Why our regulations doesn’t allow us to trade such overseas shares. I think we are all being crippled by this so called regulations. The Marape government needs to do something immediately so the citizens should invest overseas and earn better returns for their investment. We’re only being forced to invest with the banks when in fact there is no good returns for our investment. Let’s all stand up and talk so they can open up the markets for foreign stock market investment.

  15. Hi my name is Gibson Barish and I bought 1516 shares back in 2013. My advisor was Mary Tamarua at that time, from the time she resigned till now I have not recieved emails/phone calls.
    Kindly advise if I still have the same amount of shares or increased.
    Appreciate your prompt action.

  16. Hello, I am Sabina. I bought some shares with PNG Air in 2009 when the airlines company went into liquidation and floated its shares on a rate of K1.00 per share. Since then I haven’t receive any dividend on the amount of shares I purchased through kina securities. Please advise?

  17. OK. It is possible they stopped paying dividends or went out of business since it is so long. Please contact PNG Air investor relations or the exchange directly. Thanks.

  18. Hi a local CBO group according to BSP contract Note were issued 13,065 shares and after the delisting of Marengo Minning they eere never informed of such issue unti now.
    They are now seekimg answers to sell off and hope their investment is gained.

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