The Complete List of Listed Companies on the Papua New Guinea Port Moresby Stock Exchange (POMSoX)

The Complete List of Listed Companies on the Papua New Guinea Port Moresby Stock Exchange (POMSoX) as of Jan 1, 2019 are listed below:

No.Company NamePOMSoX CodeIndustry Group
1Bank South Pacific LimitedBSPBanking and Finance
2Credit Corporation (PNG) LimitedCCPFinance
3PNG Air LimitedCGAAviation
4City Pharmarcy LimitedCPLIndustrial
5Coppermoly LimitedCOYMining and Exploration
6Highlands Pacific LimitedHIGMining and Exploration
7Kina Asset Management LimitedKAMInvestment
8Kina Petroleum LimitedKPLOil and Gas
9Kina Securities LimitedKSLBanking and Finance
10Newcrest Mining LimitedNCMMining and Exploration
11New Guinea Islands Produce LimitedNGPAgriculture and Industrial
12Niuminco Group LimitedNIUMining and Exploration
13Oil Search LimitedOSHOil and Gas
14Steamships Trading Company LimitedSSTIndustrial

Data Source: POMSoX


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  1. Sorry to hear that. Unfortunately I do not know the answer. Since its delisted you may want to contact the company’s Investor Relations directly and ask about the dividend or contact the stock exchange for help. You can also contact a bank or a broker for assistance. Thx.

  2. Hello, there
    Can anyone help me to buy shares with major companies in Papua New Guinea


  3. Hi,
    My name is Lynn Ben Yokon, My late father Ben Yokon bought shares in some company I don’t exactly know which companies he bought shares in. He’s always quit about finance. He died suddenly early last year and I don’t know if he bought shares in any company, are you able to tell me if he did buy any shares.

  4. Unfortunately I am not able to help you with your question. Please contact a broker or a bank to check if he actually owned any shares. You can also directly contact the stock exchange as well.

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