The Complete List of Constituents of the Vietnam VN Index

The Complete List of Constituents of the Vietnam VN Index as of Jan 1, 2021 are listed below:

S.No.Company NameTicker
1Viet Tien Son Real Estate Holding CompanyAAV
2A Cuong Mineral Group JSCACM
3Art Design and Communication Joint Stock CompanyADC
4ALTA CompanyALT
5Asia Mineral Joint Stock CompanyAMC
6Alphanam E&C JSCAME
7American Vietnamese Biotech IncorporationAMV
8Asia - Pacific Investment JSCAPI
9Additives and Petroleum Products JSCAPP
10Asia - Pacific Securities Joint Stock CompanyAPS
11General Aviation Import – Export JSCARM
12BOS Securities Joint Stock CompanyART
13Atesco Industrial Cartering Joint Stock CompanyATS
14Thong Nhat Joint Stock CompanyBAX
15Vicem Packaging But Son Joint Stock CompanyBBS
16BimSon Cement JSCBCC
17Bich Chi Food CompanyBCF
18Binh Dinh Book and Equipment Joint Stock CompanyBDB
19Danang Books and School Equipment JSCBED
20Bao Thu Industrial Development and Investment Joint Stock CompanyBII
21Bac Kan Mineral Joint Stock CorporationBKC
22Bac Lieu Fisheries JSCBLF
23Bao Ngoc Investment Production CorporationBNA
24Vicem Packaging Bim Son Joint Stock CompanyBPC
25Ben Thanh Service Joint Stock CompanyBSC
26Binh Thuan Book and Equipment JSCBST
27Vicem But Son Cement Joint Stock CompanyBTS
28Ben Thanh Water Supply Joint Stock CompanyBTW
29Bao Viet Securities Joint Stock CompanyBVS
30Haiphong Packing VICEM Joint Stock CompanyBXH
311369 Construction Joint Stock CompanyC69
32Construction and Investment JSC No. 492C92
33An Giang Port Joint-Stock CompanyCAG
34Halong Canned Food Joint Stock CorporationCAN
35Yen Bai Joint Stock Forest Agricultural Products and Foodstuff CompanyCAP
36C.E.O Group Joint Stock CompanyCEO
37Tech - Vina Joint Stock CompanyCET
38Cam Ranh International Airport Services JSCCIA
39Central Area Electrical Mechanical JSCCJC
41La Hien Cement Joint Stock CompanyCLH
42Vinacomin - Coal Import Export Joint Stock CompanyCLM
43CMC Investment JSCCMC
44CMVIETNAM Joint Stock CompanyCMS
45Can Tho Pesticides Joint Stock CompanyCPC
46COTANA GROUP Joint Stock CompanyCSC
47Hai Duong Pump Manufacturing JSCCTB
48CTC Gia Lai Joint Stock CompanyCTC
49Minh Khang Capital Trading Public Joint Stock CompanyCTP
50Vinacomin - Machinery Joint Stock CompanyCTT
51Vietnam Investment Construction and Trading Joint Stock CorporationCTX
52Vinam JSCCVN
53CONSTREXIM No. 8 Investment and Construction JSCCX8
54Real Estate 11 JSCD11
55Da Nang Education Development and Investment JSCDAD
56Educational Book JSC In Da Nang CityDAE
57Development Investment Construction Number 2 JSCDC2
58Indochine Import Export Investment Industrial Joint Stock CompanyDDG
59Hai Phong Electrical Mechanical JSCDHP
60HaTay Pharmaceutical JSCDHT
61Development Investment Construction Hoi An JSCDIH
62Viet Nam Renewable Energy Group Joint Stock CompanyDL1
63Hai Phong Electricity Water Machine Assembly Joint Stock CompanyDNC
64DANAMECO Medical Joint Stock CorporationDNM
65DongNai Plastic Construction JSCDNP
66Central Pharmaceutical Joint Stock Company No3DP3
67Da Nang Plastic JSCDPC
68Soc Son Development Investment Joint Stock CompanyDPS
69Riverway Management Joint Stock No.3DS3
70Sao Thang Long Investment Joint Stock CompanyDST
71Thanh Dat Investment Development JSCDTD
72Dai Viet Paint Group Joint Stock CompanyDVG
73Doan Xa Port JSCDXP
74Dzi An Mechanoelectric Joint Stock CompanyDZM
75Educational Book JSC in Hanoi CityEBS
76Education Cartography and Illustration JSCECI
77Hanoi Education Development and Investment JSCEID
78Everest Securities Joint Stock CompanyEVS
79Vietnam Enterprise Investment and Development JSCFID
80Gia Dinh Water Supply Joint Stock CompanyGDW
81Green Development and Investment Service Joint Stock CompanyGIC
82Khang Minh Group Joint Stock CompanyGKM
83Global Electrical Technology Corp.GLT
84Viet Nam Enteco CorporationGMA
85My Xuan Brick Tile Pottery and ConstructionGMX
86Hanoi – Hai Duong Beer JSCHAD
87Hanoi Beer Trading JSCHAT
88Ha Tinh Book and Equipment Education JSCHBE
89Hoa Binh Securities JSCHBS
90Hoa Cam Concrete JSCHCC
91Hai Phong Cement Transport and Trading JSCHCT
93Higher Educational and Vocational Book JSCHEV
94Ha Giang Mineral and Mechanics JSCHGM
95Haiha Confectionery JSCHHC
96Hoang Ha JSCHHG
97Hai Phong Hoang Ha Paper Joint Stock CompanyHHP
98Nam Mu Hydropower JSCHJS
99Ha Noi - Kinh Bac Agriculture and Food JSCHKB
100Ego Vietnam Investment Joint Stock CompanyHKT
101Vinacomin - HaLam Coal JSCHLC
102HUDLAND Real Estate Investment and Development Joint Stock CompanyHLD
103Viglacera Ha Long I JSCHLY
104Hai Minh CorporationHMH
105VICEM Hoang Mai Cement JSCHOM
106Hoang Phuc Mineral Trading and Construction Joint Stock CompanyHPM
107HocMon Trade JSCHTC
108Hoaphat Textbook Printing Joint Stock CompanyHTP
109Tasco JSCHUT
110Viet Tri Chemicals JSCHVT
111Song Hong construction Joint Stock Company (INCOMEX)ICG
112IDICO Corporation - JSCIDC
113IDJ Vietnam Investment Joint Stock CompanyIDJ
114Vinh Phuc Infrastructure Development Joint Stock CompanyIDV
115IDICO Investment Consultant JSCINC
116Agriculture Printing and Packaging JSCINN
117Thien Quang Group JSCITQ
118Vietnam Investment Securities CompanyIVS
119Le Gia Investment Group JSCKDM
120Kien Hung Joint Stock CompanyKHS
121KKC Metal Joint Stock CompanyKKC
122CFS Investment and Import Export Trading Joint Stock CompanyKLF
123Central Vietnam Metal CorporationKMT
124DNA Investment Joint Stock CompanyKSD
125CNC Capital Viet Nam.,JSCKSQ
127Kon Tum Sugar JSCKTS
128Thien Truong Power Equipment Investment and Construction JSCKTT
129Kim Vi Inox Import Export Production Joint Stock CompanyKVC
130Licogi 14 JSCL14
131Investment and Construction JSC No.18L18
132LILAMA Erection Mechanical JSCL35
13340 Investment and Construction Joint Stock CompanyL40
134Lilama 45.3 JSCL43
135Lilama 69-1 JSCL61
136LILAMA 69-2 Joint Stock CompanyL62
137Lam Thao Fertilizers & Chemicals Joint Stock CompanyLAS
138Long An Book and Educational Equipment Joint Stock CompanyLBE
139Erection Electromechanics Testing JSCLCD
140Licogi 16.6 JSCLCS
141Lam Dong Pharmaceutical JSCLDP
142Lam Dong investment hydraulic construction JSCLHC
143LICOGI 13 Joint Stock CompanyLIG
144Lilama 7 JSCLM7
145Lilama No.5 JSCLO5
146Luong Tai Construction JSCLUT
147Marine supply and engineering service JSCMAC
148Danang Airports Services Joint-Stock CompanyMAS
149MBG Group Joint Stock CompanyMBG
150MB Securities Joint Stock CompanyMBS
151High - Grade Brick - Tile CorporationMCC
152Mechannics Construction and Foodstuff JSCMCF
153BDC Vietnam Investment and Construction JSCMCO
154Vinacomin - Mong Duong Coal JSCMDC
155Mediplantex National Pharmaceutical Joint Stock CompanyMED
156Me Lin Steel Joint Stock CompanyMEL
157Minh Huu Lien Joint Stock CompanyMHL
158Mineral and Mechanical JSCMIM
159Cai Lay Veterinary Pharmaceutical JSCMKV
160Truong Tien Group Joint Stock CompanyMPT
161MST Investment Joint Stock CompanyMST
162Nagakawa Viet Nam JSCNAG
163Nghetinh Port Joint Stock CompanyNAP
164Vinacomin - Nui Beo Coal JSCNBC
165Ninhbinh Thermal Power JSCNBP
166Nha Be Water Supply Joint Stock CompanyNBW
167Danang Housing Investment Development Joint Stock CompanyNDN
168Danang Housing Development Joint stock companyNDX
169Net Detergent JSCNET
170Ninh Binh Phosphate Fertilizer Joint Stock CompanyNFC
171NGOQUYEN Processing Export JSCNGC
172Nhi Hiep Brick-Tile Co-OperationNHC
173NHP Production Import-Export Joint Stock CompanyNHP
174Danh Khoi Group Joint Stock CompanyNRC
175Song Hong Aluminium Joint Stock CompanyNSH
176Ngan Son JSCNST
177Nuoc trong Hydro-Power Joint Stock CompanyNTH
178Tien Phong Plastic JSCNTP
179National Citizen Commercial Joint Stock BankNVB
180OCH Hospitality and Service Joint Stock CompanyOCH
181One Communication Technology CorporationONE
182PetroVietnam Packaging Joint Stock CompanyPBP
183Central PetroVietnam Fertilizer And Chemicals Joint Stock CompanyPCE
184Petro Viet Nam Gas City Investment and Development Joint Stock CompanyPCG
185Viet Nam Gas and Chemicals Transportation CorporationPCT
186Dufago Construction Materials CorporationPDB
187Phuong Dong Petroleum Tourism Joint Stock CompanyPDC
188Petrolimex Installation No.III Joint Stock CompanyPEN
189Plastic Additives Joint Stock CompanyPGN
190Southern Gas Trading Joint Stock CompanyPGS
191PGT Holdings JSCPGT
192Ha Noi Battery Joint Stock CompanyPHN
193Port of Hai Phong Joint Stock CompanyPHP
194Petrolimex Information Technology and Telecommunication Joint Stock CompanyPIA
195PC3 Investment Joint Stock CompanyPIC
196Petrolimex Hanoi Transportation and Trading Joint Stock CompanyPJC
197Petrolimex Petrochemical Corporation -JSCPLC
198North Petro Vietnam Fertilizer & Chemicals Joint Stock CompanyPMB
199Pharmedic Pharmaceutical Medicinal JSCPMC
200Dam Phu My Packaging Joint Stock CompanyPMP
201Petroleum Mechanical Stock CompanyPMS
202Post and Telecommunication Equipment JSCPOT
203PetroVietnam Power Engineering Consulting JSCPPE
204Phong Phu Pharmaceutical JSCPPP
205Petrovietnam Power Services JSCPPS
206PetroVietnam Oil Phu Yen Joint Stock CompanyPPY
207Portserco JSCPRC
208PVI Reinsurance Joint-stock CorporationPRE
209Petrolimex Saigon Transportation and Service Joint Stock CompanyPSC
210Petroleum General Distribution Services Joint Stock CompanyPSD
211South-East PetroVietnam Fertilizer and Chemicals Joint Stock CompanyPSE
212PetroVietnam Securities IncorporatedPSI
213South – West PetroVietnam Fertilizer and Chemicals Joint Stock CompanyPSW
214Phuc Thinh Design Construction Trading CorporationPTD
215Post & Telecommunication Joint Stock Insurance CorporationPTI
216Hai Phong Petrolimex Transportation and Services Joint Stock CompanyPTS
217PV2 Investment JSCPV2
218PetroVietnam Coating Joint Stock CompanyPVB
219Petrovietnam Chemical and Services CorporationPVC
220Petrovietnam LPG Joint Stock CompanyPVG
221PVI HoldingsPVI
222Petroleum Real Estate Joint Stock CompanyPVL
223Petro Vietnam Technical Services CorporationPVS
224Viet - Duc Welding Electrode Joint Stock CompanyQHD
225Quang Ninh Book and Educational Equipment Joint Stock CompanyQST
226Quang Nam Transportation Construction JSCQTC
227Cho Lon Real Estate JSCRCL
228Song Da 5.05 JSCS55
229Song Da 7.04 JSCS74
230SCI Joint Stock CompanyS99
231Safoco Foodstuff Joint Stock CompanySAF
232SCI E&C Joint Stock CompanySCI
233Song Da 2 JSCSD2
234Song Da 4 JSCSD4
235Song Da No. 5 JSCSD5
236Song Da 6 Joint Stock CompanySD6
237Song Da No 9 JSCSD9
239Song Da Consulting JSCSDC
240Can Tho Sadico Joint Stock CorporationSDG
241Dongnai Paint CorporationSDN
242Song Da No 10 JSCSDT
243Song Da Urban Investment Construction and Development Joint Stock CompanySDU
244Mien Trung Power Investment and Development JSCSEB
245Phuong Nam Education Investment and Development JSCSED
246Saigon Fishing Net Joint Stock CompanySFN
247Sa Giang Import Export CorporationSGC
248Educational Book JSC in Ho Chi Minh CitySGD
249SaiGon Hotel CorporationSGH
250Sai Gon - Hanoi Commercial Joint Stock BankSHB
251Son Ha Development of Renewable Energy Joint Stock CompanySHE
252Hanoi Investment General CorporationSHN
253Saigon - Hanoi Securities JSCSHS
254ANI Joint Stock CompanySIC
255Hung Hau Agricultural CorporationSJ1
256Song Da 1.01 Joint Stock CompanySJC
257Song Da No. 11 JSCSJE
258Son La Sugar Joint Stock CompanySLS
260Sametel CorporationSMT
261SPI Joint Stock CompanySPI
262SARA Vietnam Joint Stock CompanySRA
263Steel Structure Manufacture JSCSSM
264Book and Educational Equipment JSC in Ho Chi Minh citySTC
265Song Da Industry Trade Joint Stock CompanySTP
266VEXILLA Viet Nam Group Joint Stock CompanySVN
267Sonadezi Long Binh Shareholding CompanySZB
268Thanh An 96 Installation and Construction Joint Stock CompanyTA9
269Trung An Hi-Tech Farming Joint Stock CompanyTAR
270Thai Binh Cement JSCTBX
271Vinacomin Coc Sau Coal JSCTC6
272Vinacomin - DeoNai Coal JSCTDN
273TDT Investment and Development Joint Stock CompanyTDT
274Northern Textiles and Garments Joint stock CompanyTET
275Trang Corporation Joint Stock CompanyTFC
276Ha Noi - Thanh Hoa Beer JSCTHB
277Thaiholdings Joint Stock CompanyTHD
278Song Da - Thanh Hoa Joint Stock CompanyTHS
279Vinacomin - Ha Tu Coal JSCTHT
280Thang Long Investment Group Joint Stock CompanyTIG
281Transportation and Trading Services Joint Stock CompanyTJC
282Tan Ky construction and real estate trading corporationTKC
283Tung Kuang Industrial JSCTKU
284Vinacomin – Northern Coal Trading Joint Stock CompanyTMB
285Thu Duc Trading and Import - Export Joint Stock CompanyTMC
286Vicem Cement Trading JSCTMX
287TNG Investment and Trading JSCTNG
288Hanoi Textbooks Printing JSCTPH
289Tan Phu Plastic JSCTPP
290Tiasang Battery Joint stock companyTSB
291Telecommunication Technical Service Joint Stock CompanyTST
292Thanh Thanh Joint Stock CompanyTTC
293Tien Thanh Service and Trading Joint Stock CompanyTTH
294Tay Ninh Tourist - Trading Joint Stock CompanyTTT
295Tien Trung Investment Construction and Technology Joint Stock CompanyTTZ
296Power Engineering Consulting Joint Stock CompanyTV3
297Power Engineering Consulting JSC 4TV4
298Tri Viet Asset Management Corporation Joint Stock CompanyTVC
299Vinacomin - Vang Danh Coal Joint Stock CompanyTVD
300Vicem Gypsum and Cement Joint Stock CompanyTXM
301Vien Lien Joint Stock CompanyUNI
302Viet Nam Construction Joint Stock Company No 12V12
303Vinaconex 21 JSCV21
304Van Xuan VT Joint Stock CompanyVAT
305Vinh Plastic and Bags JSCVBC
306Construction JSC No 1VC1
307VINA2 Investment and Construction Joint Stock CompanyVC2
308Nam Mekong Group Joint Stock CompanyVC3
309Visicons Construction And Investment Joint Stock CompanyVC6
310No 7 Vietnam Construction JSCVC7
311Construction JSC No.9VC9
312Vinaconex 25 JSCVCC
313Vinaconex Trading and Manpower JSCVCM
314Vicostone Joint Stock CompanyVCS
315Lamdong Foodstuffs Joint Stock CompanyVDL
316VNECO 1 Electricity Construction JSCVE1
317VNECO2 Electricity Construction Joint-Stock CompanyVE2
318VNECO 3 Electricity Construction JSCVE3
319VNECO4 Electricity Construction JSCVE4
320VNECO8 Electricity Construction Joint Stock CorporationVE8
321The Vegetexco Port JSCVGP
322Vietnam Germany Steel Pipe JSCVGS
323Vinaherbfoods Joint Stock CompanyVHE
324Viglacera Ha Long JSCVHL
325VITECO Vietnam Telecommunications Technology Joint Stock CompanyVIE
326Viet Nam Forestry Corporation - Joint Stock companyVIF
327Vietnam Industrial & Commercial Securities CorporationVIG
328Viglacera Tien Son JSCVIT
329Vinhkhanh Cable Plastic CorporationVKC
330Van Lang Technology Development and Investment JSCVLA
331Vimeco JSCVMC
332VISACO Mineral And Investment Joint Stock CompanyVMI
333Vietnam Maritime Development JSCVMS
334Vinacontrol Group CorporationVNC
335Vinafreight Joint Stock CompanyVNF
336Vietnam National Reinsurance CorporationVNR
337The Van Cargoes And Foreign Trade Logistics Joint Stock CompanyVNT
338Vietnam Ocean Shipping Agency CorporationVSA
339Central Container Joint Stock CompanyVSM
340VTC Telecommunications JSCVTC
341Viet Thai Electric Cable CorporationVTH
342Vi Na Ta Ba Trading & Investment Joint-stock CompanyVTJ
343Thang Long Wine JSCVTL
344Viglacera Tuson JSCVTS
345VICEM Materials Transport Cement Joint Stock CompanyVTV
346Ben Tre Contruction Material Joint Stock CompanyVXB
347West Coach Station JSCWCS
348Wall Street Securities Joint Stock CompanyWSS
349X20 Joint Stock CompanyX20

Source: Hanoi Stock Exchange

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  • Market Vectors Vietnam ETF (VNM)

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